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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Unveiling Goa-Day 3

It was around 7am when i opened my eyes in same feeling,blue beautiful ocean and captivating silence.
We have really enjoyed our cup of tea more than ever seeing that emerald blue.Talking a lot about how life is in daily routine which start with a rush,literally running to the kitchen for making tea in the morning and mind kept occupied with the thoughts of making our breakfast and lunch.But here it was suddenly all different.We made our way to Havana and ordered  tea which took 20min to come but we were in complete peace so busy seeing the majestic ocean where caring for passing time is pity.When tea came we enjoyed every sip with all talks of past,present and future, shared our dreams and many more.

Again we did our morning swimming routine and got ready for the next trip which was a boat ride to see dolphins from close distance(we were already lucky to get their glimpse from valley),covering few islands and enjoy small-small beaches which lies behind those rocky islands......We were punctual so out boat started making its way onto water and in no time we were off shore amid the sea.It was roughly 10 min we spotted a dolphins swimming a bit far from our boat,then suddenly other side there was a couple of Dolphins very close to our boat.We were more focused to capture their snap and they disappeared.....

Then taking boat around monkey island and butterfly island we landed to Honeymoon beach(whose name really surprised me because i did not find any resemblance with the name) .It was indeed small beach and water was not that clean,only good part was gigantic boulders which kept me running and climbing on most of them.After spending sometime there,we headed back to the Palolem.

In beach we took our Lunch and headed for next destination that was to uncover all hidden or less explored beaches in south dead end of Goa.Target first Patnem beach,which was hardly 10 min drive from Palolem.A big stretch of white sand,comparatively less crowded and had really beautiful restaurant chain.


Next one was Rajbagh Beach another 20 min drive but very scenic,quite and amazing.We loved everything and kept walking there ..



Next destination was Talpona beach.The way from Rajbagh to talpona was very scenic .Roads were quite elevated and narrow.They passed through small cottages of local Goan family.We crossed Talpona without stopping and headed for Galjibaga Beach with thought of covering it while way back to Palolem. Roughly after 30 min we were again on breathtaking beautiful beach which had rows of gigantic trees on the shore.Beach was absolutely clean and dedicated for rare species turtle nestling.I inquired from lifeguard about turtles, he answered "they only come in night".So we made our walk on long stretch of white sand and climbing on beautiful red boulders which eventually was  dwelling place for all size of crab.After Cola beach if we loved any place most it was this one.We could feel a complete trance,peace and vista of another kind.We kept relishing the beauty until our stomach started reminding us for food.Though it was BIG ?????????? if we get anything to eat here.We walked to the beach side which looked like some temporary structure but once we kept our demand to Surya(name of the restaurant boy) he nodded with complete hospitality that your order will be ready in 10 min.Hospitality was something in which Goa out shined Thailand in my opinion poll.People of Goa are really heart winner.In right 10 min our order was on table and we took as much as time we could take to eat that super delicious food spiced with love and hospitality of Goa .Surya kept talking to us about his business,tourist and other places to visit in near by area.That's the specialty of Indian people,we open up our heart very soon and eventually stranger become a friend.With complementing for his delicious food and tons of thanks we waved our bye but perhaps both of us made our mind set that this place is going to be our next stay very soon.We departed from Galjibaga and made our way to Talpona beach,which was again beautiful,unmanned,peaceful beach.We enjoyed sunset here and then started our drive back to Palolem.........,,,

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Quick Weekend outing@ Bidar Fort

We got up in one lazy Saturday morning and planned at once to stroll to some place near by.So i start hitting keys on my laptop's key board and warming up the search engine,With quick search we got our catch.It was Bidar-one small town situated at Andhra-Karnataka boarded but is officially part of Karnataka.
We got ready quickly and in no time we were on wheels. Accelerated to racing speed and in mood to drive carelessly in ORR,coupled with amazing weather highlighting the picture perfect views both side of the road

After drive for around 60 km we finally got down off ORR.For confirmation we asked the Toll Plaza guy-which way for Bidar?He replied in well known pakka Hyderabadi-"siddha ekkich rasta hai,kahin nhi mudna.Bich me Sadashivpet aainga wahan badhiya chai milta,pakka piyo".Whole details for the destination in the time he was printing toll receipt.We paid thanks and pulled gear with laughter about this amazing habit we all Indian share in our DNA i.e. to give information to fullest (even complementary)  if asked one question.I really appreciate and love it.Anyways we did not stop in Sadashivpet in onwards journey.We drove for 120 km with no stop and reached Bidar in 1:45 hour.Drive was smooth except few bad patches on road.

Bidar is a small town having big fort so i believe you can see it from any part of the town and from any angle.Interesting thing was to pass the city you have to enter the fort gates in many places.And yes giving horn is compulsory as no-one on the other side know because of fort walls who is coming.We chuckled as we passed.Fort was of-course splendid.One part of it was very well maintained.It had a museum right opposite and yes entry was free everywhere.we spent couple of hour seeing every see able place (including wherever trespassing was possible).Most of the doors were close locked thus making me curious to peep inside wherever possible.Best thing was the fort is really huge and very wide spread but bad part is only a patch of it is maintained.Rest place is more or less playground for kids,cricket pitch for youngsters and grazing zone for cows and other herbivorous.But yes it was looking great to see them all there.Probably these living being are giving life to this ancient giant now.Driving through those gates was also one of the must do there.So overall decent quick escape from hustle-bustle of the city.So people in group you can plan this outing whenever weather is crazy and you are in high spirit.






Places to visit:
1.Bidar Fort
2.Jharani Nrsimha Temple(must carry extra pair of cloth as you have to pass through waist deep water inside cave to do Darshan)
3.Paapnash Shiva Temple

How to Reach:Straight road from Hyderabad to Bidar,take help from googlemap.