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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Beginning of new India

Hiiia everyone
How are you doing?

My life was slow and sloppy in some areas and extremely challenging in other.

While i kept recollecting my thoughts and wisdom i choose to keep my blog silent for a while.Though i kept reading without fail.

Today i don't want to dig deep into thoughts but share the most common thought roaring in many Indian mind.
Today is certainly a very big day for our nation and it's people because this is dusk of a very long era of dark political ill governance.An era where hope was fading with every passing time.Finally i am happy that time is gone and new sun is bringing a new time of hope and dream.Well i am not trying to be judgmental and i also believe that it is to early to tell the verdict but i do believe we are seeing a beginning which allow us to think in a new way, leaving behind the old odd stinking boundaries of caste and religion.Every countryman is 
eager to join hands to make a one developed India.

I definitely feel Mr. Narendra Modi has persona to carry India to international platform with pride and equality unlike his

predecessors. He is the person who inspires youth to look into India's rich cultural heritage instead of blindly following 
the west.There is nothing wrong in being modern,wrong is on not valuing your own fundamentals and following
something blindly. He is not just person of great vision but also amazing sense of self pride and crisp fashion.
Feeling delighted to witness this historical day.

Love & Pride to every Indian

An Indian with two hands ready to serve to it's level best to bring this dream come true.
Jai Hind

P.S. - All thoughts here are my personal and i don't intend to hurt anybody feeling.But we do have freedom of expression right?

And certainly happiness brings them up.