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Friday, 25 October 2013

Few Healthy Habits For Living Better

Hiaa Friends

It's raining in Hyderabad  for past 3 days without any break thus making idea of going out impossible.How is weather at your places?

Anyways I have been thinking for a while about sharing these little things we can add in daily life to live better and healthier.
Here we go...

Do you massage your body?Let me tell you being working everyday and exercising makes your muscles tired.Massaging makes good blood circulation and also relaxes those tired muscle.Next time you free at home, get some olive oil(you can use any oil of your choice but olive oil works best for me) and massage your arms,legs,eyebrow areas.You will feel the difference.You don't have to run to spa every time but you can do these small tricks at home.

I have already emphasized about exercising in my last post but this is such an important thing i don't mind repeating it again.Do you have problem like no place to go out for jogging or running/no gym or very costly gym nearby/No time etc etc.Think what do you enjoy?Do you enjoy dancing,buy a dance workout dvd from flipkart,run it on your computer and just dance.That's it?Yaa that is possible.
Do you have some little spare area on floor,buy one yoga matt and allow yourself to do some easy asanas or suryanamaskar anytime you are free.I have been exercising through out my life as early as i can remember but trust me set backs are with everyone and it is equally harder to get back onto  routine.Crossing initial inertia is the difficult part.Get started first,if you feel better then good feeling will  drive you further.

3.Getting up Early
I myself is not a morning person and i have really struggled hard for making this a habit.See i don't guarantee about whether brain or memory works better(i have felt the contrary i feel very sleepy no matter what i do) but observed few things for sure.
a.You can't breath as pure as air in the early morning at any part of your day.
b.Min noise to make you more relaxed if you want to do yoga or meditation.
c.There is no substitute of the beauty of the rising sun.That will fill you with energy and vibrancy for the day.
For getting up early you have to go to the bed early too else you won't be able to sleep for adequate hours.So if possible alter your schedule a little and balance for it.

4.Including Salads And Fruits In Your Diet
You are lucky if you eating "Ghar Ka Khana"(i.e. Daal/Rice/Sabji/Roti/Sambhar).They are good but i feel still we ignore necessity of raw veggies.You don't have to buy costly Italian salad dressing.Just cut carrot,cucumber,cabbage and sprinkle some salt+lemon juice,that's it.Enjoy your healthy meal with significant amount of vitamins and roughage.

5.Drinking Water As You Get Up
Again i am not advocating drinking 4-5 glass of water(which seems impossible to me,i am trying for years) just drink as much your belly allows.I my case i can drink roughly 0.75Ltr(i have been drinking this since first time heard a speech from Dean of Ayurvedic college at the age of 14).A lot has proven in medical science about its benefits(i am not sure how true they are) but personally i have felt,your digestion system does work very well with it.There is no harm in giving it a try i guess.Later you can decide on the basis of your own result.

I don't think there is any hard and fast rule for living healthier.everyone has different type of body,temperament,nature as whole and getting what best works for you is always going to be on trial and error basis.What i have mentioned above did work well with me and people i have shared with.
Hope it will also work for you.

Have a great living and pink health.

Write me if you have any queries,suggestions or comments.

Happy Blogging

With Love

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Balancing Between Work And Life

Hia Friends
How are you guys doing?Hope everybody is in the pink of their health.For many days this subject was hanging in my mind for blogging.I think i am getting better everyday for bringing life in balance between extreme pressure of work and personal demands. :)

Ok let me first tell you about my work background.I am an Aircraft Engineer which requires long stressful hour of physical work(though i thoroughly enjoy that).I start for work at 7:30 am and reach back to home at 6 pm in minimum load condition.Else it can be between  8 pm to 10:30 pm while returning.Balancing Work,Workout,Homework and Time for yourself.All essentials but i was juggling through all of them for past 1.5 yrs and now i am feeling at least few of my trial-error method are working :).So if you are also having such issues, here i am sharing my experiences.

1.Getting up little early and doing Yoga-

Trust me people it is great way to start your day.Not necessarily you have to do for an hour or more.It's hard time getting anything done in that rush hour. Try to get up little early than usual and do some kapalbhanti,then any no. of Surya Namaskar possible.Or if you enjoy Jogging,little brisk walk will work.

2.Skipping breakfast-

Well i am not backing any philosophy like "Eating breakfast King size" but i have personally noticed skipping breakfast is a bad idea. Because it results in slowing metabolism down and you feel less energetic as time passes.But our actual constrain in about time.My idea is get a glass of fruit juice or eat 2 banana or an apple or quick corn-milk.These do not require too much time and you will remain energetic at work.

3.Not having time for Reading-

Well i have suffered from this issue for very long time.Work and rest other so called important things took priority and i found having no time at all for reading.I almost forgotten that i used to enjoy reading so much(no fiction) until i was reminded by husband few months back.I was trying hard to get back but could not.Reading book at your work place gives wrong impression to peers.My nature of job requires being on foot all the time.So what i did was involved technology at work.Having smartphone now i read forums, quora, blogspot, news etc every time i have any minute spared, let it be waiting for spare parts,waiting for some tools or when rest of team is involved in gossip.I am not saying that's all but it filled the gap to good extent.

4.Not having time to Talk to Old friends-family

Again this is my long fought battle.If anyone calls me after work i used to get annoyed badly because i kept struggling with my household work.Now what i do i use Bluetooth on my ear for making or taking all such necessary call while cutting vegetables or while making chapatis.This way you can really make peace of mind and give time to your near and dear ones too.

5.Stressful Household Work-

Well i have seen good number of people in my life those enjoy it(i.e. my mother,few of my friends etc.).They work with such a peace and rhythm i really wondered HOW?I am sure you guys have also seen many in your close circle.The lesson i have learnt from them is "Change Your Attitude".Don't think you are back from long hours of work and again you have to struggle with things remaining at home.If you like music,play your favorite playlist and slowly start your work in kitchen.It has brought big change in my life and reinforced my belief that little improvement and positive change in approach can do wonder.

Well i have hundred more small things i can write down in this subject but i think it's enough for now.Trust me no matter how bad is situation or time, you can still do something to change it or to change yourself to do and be better.

Have best of your Time,health and Wellness.
Do drop your comments,questions and suggestions.
Happy Blogging
With Love

P.S. -I am a technology repellent animal.Want to live with least possible of them and also argue that in long term they are spoiling our lives.There intrusion in my life is mostly through my utility oriented technology geek husband. :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Haritha Hill Resort Ananthagiri-A Review

Hello Friends

As i mentioned in my last post about my Tyda-Ananthagiri-Araku trip,our next stay after Jungle Bells was at Haritha Hill Resort run by AP tourism department.First impression of this place was simply awesome.A beautiful resort nestling amid hills all around,neatly manicured gardens and walkway,and individual cottages around in circle.Also having one big cafeteria to offer delicious food to it's guest(breakfast was complimentary with stay but dinner/lunch and anything extras were paid ).Resort was very elegant and beautifully designed.Views from all balcony seamed  alluring but splendid hill range behind AC cottages was most spectacular.This resort offers two kind of Cottages AC and Non AC to fit in all pocket.Personally i feel Non Ac cottage is sufficient because temperature remains low at that elevation.It was cloudy weather when we visited.You can see and feel how cloud covers the whole atmosphere including you while sitting in balcony .It was a kind of magical feeling to watch this display.

So overall my review for this place is
Location-Very Good
Cost-Expensive but affordable
I would highly recommend this place to everyone planning for Araku-Tyda-Ananthagiri tour,i believe this is best place to stay and cover all nearby destination.

Below i am attaching pictures for visual tour of the place :).

Me at Kids Slide

View from Garden


Walkway all around resort

Me Sipping tea at our Balcony


View From cafeteria garden

The entrance of the Resort

Our stay was memorable.Looking forward to travel and share more.Be part of my journey,keep reading my blog.

Please write me if you need any help or suggestion about this place i will be delighted to assist you.

Happy Travelling and Happy Blogging

With Love

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hello Friends

Firstly sincere apologies to all my readers for remaining silent for unusual long time.I was extremely busy working for 12 Hr shift and no leave for past 2 month(don't get surprised my nature of profession demands that).
So once this hectic work schedule was over i needed a much deserved,much awaited travel break :)

After screening out many places of interest from list,matching with  days of leave,fund,weather,we decided to go to TYDA-Ananthagiri-Araku-Vizag Trip.This trip became hilarious and extremely real time adventures due to many reasons(i am going to unveil them in coming blogs).

Our first Halt was Jungle Bells-Tyda,a jungle camp nestled at Anathagiri Hill range, at lower ghat section.Ride from Vizag to Tyda was delight to eyes.Rolling meadows,Deep Ghats,milky waterfalls and series of tunnels. Tyda is a very small isolated railway station(don't expect many people there).For reaching jungle bells,you can ask any local and sure they will guide you a way through paddy field.Probably due to Samikhya Andhra Movement,this place was quite(Though i love solitude but it was more that what i can appreciate).There are around 18 cottages AC&Non-AC spread apart to give you more privacy.View from glass wall of your cottage was wildnes of jungle,sound was bird chirping and bugs humming.Overall i loved the serenity of ambiance but in night that isolation was little scary too.So my overall review for the place is as follows

Location-Awesome(serene and peaceful)
Food-Average(due to unavailability of many guest options became minimum)
Service-Good(people were good  and helping though not as polished as you demand)
Fare-little expensive but affordable

Advice-If you are planning for 2 days Araku Trip,i suggest give this place opportunity to serve you for one day.If you are a nature lover you can ignore some imperfection of the place and enjoy it's raw beauty.Please feel free to contact me if any more details requires,i will be more than happy to assist you.

Below i am attaching some pics of the place to give you better idea.
Me at Tyda Railway Station

View from glass walls of Cottage

Non AC Wooden Cottage

AC cottage

Interior of Non AC Cottage
If you have any queries or require any details please write in comment section.Happy Travel........