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Saturday, 9 April 2016

6 Reasons To must Have Kindle If You Are A Reader


Finally it's SUNDAY and after many weeks of continuous work i have OFF today.
In this busy days one of my gadgets has been a constant companion " my kindle". I don't call myself a hard core reader but as a matter of fact i totally love reading. But days are gone when i used to have ample time to dig my head into library shelf now i barely have time to read(honestly) . I have the same feeling for books, the touch, its feel is way different when you read same thing in soft copy. The content remains same but still the feeling of reading shifts drastically.
Anyway coming to the point despite all i bought a kindle(after lot of calculations) and you know this is certainly my "Gadget of the Year"
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So here is 6 reasons why you must have a kindle if you are a reader:
1. Store-you can store huge collection in this tiny device. 
2. Flexibility- you can read in all break times in office, with morning/Evening tea, before bed time.
3. battery power is superb. I keep reading for 20+ days without charging.
4. Less strain to your eyes thanks to awesome brightness setting.
5. Comparatively less expansive.
6. Travelling with Kindle is a real breeze, Long waiting hours in airport or railways won't bother you anymore(at the least minimize).

After complaining for years about time constrain for reading now it certainly has became a routine. I read during my office hours whenever i am having small tea breaks, just after waking up and before going to bed. I could read very small portion though but i am happy to make is continuous.

So with all the beautiful feelings of reading, stay fit, stay happy, happy reading........

Mini :).........

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