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Monday, 25 April 2016

Staying Fit-Is it that difficult?

Hello Friends

 Almost everyday i meet new people in gym, all struggling for losing weight. They come and do some random exercise and they don't come for next week. Most of the women i meet their regular talk is about  struggle for losing weights. I will share some of my tricks which helped me to stay fit despite having chronic PCOD, insulin resistance.
Cycling @ Kalapathar Beach, Andaman

1. Exercise:
Everyone knows the significance of exercise so i don't need to tell more. But what i want to tell is how to make it Consistent. We tent to keep 40min-1 hr for workout and when we have a  very busy or exhausting day we try to skip. My point is no matter how little time or energy you have, try to go and do easiest possible exercise. Like you can just cycle for 20min or cross leg or 10 rounds of suryanamaskar. That way you will keep your consistency.

2. Yoga: 
Honestly i am not huge fan of yoga but what i have understood after practicing it for years(ON/OFF) 
it provides flexibility and elevated our mood which in turns motivates for going for exercise everyday. So it is win-win. 

3. Keep hydrated:
Again everyone knows water flushes out toxin but what they don't think about taking water regularly. What i do is no matter where i go i carry my water bottle. And make sure i drink often. I can also easily calculate how many time i have refilled which helps me to keep eye on fluid intake. You can also include coconut water in routine though somehow i find it difficult.

4. Eating Fruits;
i am still not an advocate on fruit only diet but what i emphasize on is when every time we feel hungry lets not always jump to high calorie food instead eat one banana or grapes or Chiku. I agree even they contain high fructose but they also carry minerals which are essential for our health.

5. Rotation:
This one is important no matter how much you love to do exercise but it becomes monotonous in due course of time. So what can be done lets include something else for short span. Like when i don't feel like going to gym, i go for swimming/Yoga. Possibly dance on my favorite song when i am alone and in no mood to do any thing else.

Hope it will give you some motivation for remaining fit. Fitness is a life long journey not the destination.

Stay healthy.

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