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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Sometime your workplace become very challenging like today for me. Things go wrong one after another leaving you skeptical about your capabilities. I am an aircraft engineer where Female to male ratio is very very low. Action from my end is mostly overcompensating for me being woman. I am always extra careful in my work so that no-one can raise a finger on my compatibility with my profession. Yet today few mistakes left me disheartened. Well i think i take it too personally. When things go wrong I take it too much on my self respect which actually deplete my self confidence. I know "To err is human". But i am not sure when will i be able to learn to take it normally..

P.S. - Here attaching one pics of happy days in workplace.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hiii there
Sometime in life we feel extremely lonely. I do it sometime and today is one of them. It's not i am scared of it but understanding it better helps me to get over it fast.
My understanding so far says many battles in life is meant to be fought solo. No-one NOT even your life partner can help you by any means. So STOP  complaining.  This is over expectation that someone has a magic stick and can solve your problem when you who has best understanding of the whole situation is struggling to get some light. I think we expect too much from our life partner or may be we are expecting minimum but they can't even acknowledge that. But being disappointed or frustrated can not solve problem, it may aggravate that. So i have made my mind No more Cry baby for not getting motivation and outside support for fitness, No more effort for trying hard to make me understand  correctly. No more stupid question if i am putting on weight or not and wait for approval. Like many other this is solo battle for being better and being happy.

Hoping for the best and the GAME IS ON...

P.S: Attaching  a selfie of thoughtful me which was taken in Virupaksha Temple, Hampi.


Monday, 26 January 2015


Hiiia Everyone

Happy New Year 2015 Amigos.

As January is about to pass what is the progress on your new year resolutions? Are your are in pace with them or slipping behind??

My observation so far about life is, it never flows in uniform speed. Either i am too high or too drowned, too excited or completely gone. I am not sure is it just me who has this issue or everyone has it one or other time. Taking benefit of doubt i think i have this manufacturing defect in me. Anyways as i am growing i am in the process of shorting this out.I have been more thoughtful these days. I have no intention to offend anyone but i have considerable dislike for self help books. My experience with them are that they will make you dreamy and do lots or promises. Which they fulfill obviously BUT very temporarily. That is the reason which make me picking biographies or random stories of interest instead of them. However i came across a book named "MiniHabits". Now a days busy reading it and surprisingly liking it too. So if you are also one who are slipping behind your new year resolution or frustrated for not meeting your self expectation  AND of course ready to spend INR 381 i believe one must give it a trial.

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging.

Here attaching image taken at Hampi, Karnataka where we celebrated our new year.