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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Birth of a travel blogger

Hello Readers,

Well today i am not writing  about my travel but something about myself and how and when this passion of travel came into me.

I will like to give a brief background about me.I have spent my childhood with my maternal grand parents in one small town in chhattisgarh(that time it was part of MP).My Nanaji was a travel enthusiast so i tagged along wherever he goes.That's my oldest memory about how this travel thing is being injected into my veins and made its way to my heart.

After doing my primary school  i got selected for continuing my studies in Navodaya (fully funded central govt  residential school for bright student from rural areas and I still boast for being one of them;)).In  seven year of schooling, sports was part of our living.We used to start our day in playground and used to end the day in the same manner.Of course that time it was a compulsion,but how and when this compulsion became my identity i am yet to figure out.So here born an athlete Padmini(before this, trust me i had no idea about this dimension.)

Living in Navodaya was like challenging your limit everyday.You will get equal opportunity to excel in all possible areas you know.Initially my participation was all about being best and smartest among the group but later on ,it was  about my love towards arts,music and dance.So until age of 18 sports,dance and music were my constant and not to mention best companion.In that seven years of my stay in boarding school i covered many destinations as athlete where journey was all about enjoying every moment to fullest(No time or camera to capture those moments and only track suit to wear so no hundred posture in all those places and of course last but not least no facebook page to update).Most memorable was the trip to participate in Navodaya National Cup Handball Meet from Bhopal region at Bundi (Rajansthan).We covered chhatarpur-Orchha-Jhansi-Bundi-Jaipur in Bolero through villages of Rajasthan,seen more fort than even in one go (ohh i still remember the fragrance of Rajasthani soil and food........).

After school i went to Bhopal for doing engineering and there my life took a complete U-turn.No activity to do in college and suddenly i realised all my interests are taking back seat.But fate has something else for me.I got two most hilarious roommates in my hostel and now again i was back to me.Seeing places,driving our vehicle in full rain triple seat,wondering madly on Bhopal lake drive when whole Bhopal is under Bajrag dal alert,trekking to the hill nearby,turning our room more to zoo and many more too em brassed to share....... ;).Life was still beautiful and as i wanted it to.

Then the worst time came "JOB SEARCH" .That remembrance itself sounds more like something or someone screaming in my worst nightmare.Spending worst summer of my life in New Delhi working as intern,travelling daily in deadly crowded bus from Palam to IGI airport.Life was like living in hell.Kadki in pocket,less money to spend and more dreams to fulfil(well that's not true i exaggerated my bad condition as my parents were very generous to me but i was habituate living extravaganza ;)There was a saying at my home that Ranu(what my parents call me with love) gets fever when her account balance touches 10k so they always kept topping it up without failing)

Finally that time came for which i have invested my 12 years of studies(that was actually effortless as i truly enjoy studying,no matter whats the subject..once caught by warden in my school hostel reading book"how to write love letter" though i have never written one :) ).I got a good job and started earning well then i proudly declared to myself-now time has come to live my hobbies and interest (well that was just a declaration as i always lived my life in my own way constantly harmonising with my interests)

Then i was moved to Kualalumpur due to work reason and there actually i understood,whats the meaning of being travel enthusiastic .I could see lots of people going for trekking.Destinations were easily available,transport was very convenient,very well managed.I could see people are camping with family as their car was actually like moving house.Small patch of forest was left in the middle of the city so that people could experience jungle trekking in their daily basis.It was like a cultural shock to me  because being Indian i had a total different mindset where such travel was a luxury.I used to tag along those trekkers and jungle trekking became part of my everyday workout.Though it never failed to amaze me with its novelty.I actually realised its all about an individuals passion so that was a kick start for a traveller named Padmini-too hungry to cover more and more.

After 3 years in Malaysia i am back to my own country.Now my definition has broaden and this passion has engraved deep within me.I am now member of a club doing lots of trekking and adventure activity,got a wonderful life partner,with whom every journey is more memorable.Every foot prints which we have made holding each others hands  are deeper than ever before.So here came the time when i began sharing my travel tales and lessons learnt on the way and that gave birth to this blog-Treasure of Travelling...My journey as a traveller and travel blogger is going good so far...hope to share a lot of stories on the be part of my journey....keep reading my blog.