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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Leonia Holistic Destination- A review

Hello Readers
It's been long since last post.
Well i have not traveled outstation for past couple of months.
But on this Sunday me and hubby went to Leonia Holistic Destination for his birthday celebration.
I am writing here my genuine review.

Pic. Courtesy- Trip Advisor & Leonia

Leonia is situated 91km from Shamshabad(our residence).We took help from google map and took ORR which really helped to reduce travel time and maintaining speed.Though some segments of ORR near Shamirpet is still detached,lots of diversion, poor sign-boarding making navigation difficult particularly in night(we lost our way in return due to that) 

Onward drive was pleasant we reached there by 2:30 pm though our deal was from 4pm to 11pm (i bought it from groupon,cost-INR1399 for a couple).Resort was nice, spacious and adorned with many outdoor sports ground(it was fun to watch family playing together-gents,ladies,kiddies,aunties clad in saree).Ideal place for group outing.You have to pay charges for booking grounds and hiring bicycle.

Swimming pool was really huge,particularly the way it was designed  give you more of individual space.There were two slides for adults and one small  for kiddies. Dj was good and there were two rain dance floor which you can really enjoy in group(must carry nylon wear for swimming else you will be forced to buy from there which is costly ).Food was expansive or in completion with what we get in malls.

There is a theater program me 5pm-6pm and then 6pm to 7pm which is a much watch for all.which includes dance/gymnastic/circus etc.You will get your hi-tea here.Options are basic.

After 7pm if you again want to go inside pool,you can but we were in no mood to get wet again.Due to water,mosquitoes will get feast out of you so sitting on bench and watching is not a good option.Indoor games(Table tennis pool,chess etc) are available but coming to a resort and playing them is not my choice. So we decided to go for dinner at SUN n MOON.Which was delighting.Very good taste and variety.
So overall good experience.Great place for Family and Group outing(if you get some good deals in cheap price).

So enjoy one day out at Leonia.

Happy Blogging....


  1. Belated happy b'day to ur hubby Padmini.. Looks like you guys had a great time.. Awesome review.. Leonia Holistic Destination does look promising as you said dear :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Nilu. Yes We had ample amount of fun.Leonia is promising destination for one day outing particularly when you are in group or family you can enjoy all facilities.

  2. Wow, beautiful resort! looking nice.
    Post written well and informative.

  3. hey padmini....that pool looks so inviting!!!!

    1. Hi Sushmita,Yes indeed you can't stop yourself to go for swimming the :) .Thanks for stopping by.Welcome to my blog.