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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Trip to Remember-Horsley Hills

Hello Friends

How are you all doing?Is travelling going good or you also decided to take rest for summer season.Its really too hot outside to dare to go on exploration.I am really missing winter. I am wring here about a trip in winter season.It was a road trip from Hyderabad to Vellore. So preciously covering three states on the way.

Well i want to admit road travelling gives more opportunity to explore life style,cultures,food and small hidden local attractions. Whenever you stop to stretch your leg and for cup of tea it tastes different with location and ambiance(its purely my observation you may disagree).So is the case of food.When you stop by  some remote highway dhaba and eat food it feels like best food you have ever tasted.This particular trip i am talking about gave me various opportunities to reinforce my belief.On road passing through unknown territories you are totally on your own for all planned and unplanned encounters.But then true these things empowers your believe in yourself and supreme.It will also let you feel power of prayers.It will also teach you to be grateful for strangers who helped you for no reason.So here i start...

 Horsley Hill is a tourist destination developed by A.P. tourism though its far from Hyderabad than from Bangalore/Vellore or many places of Karnataka and Tamilnadu.We were heading back from Vellore so our plan was to take night halt and next half day for this hill.Mid-way from Vellore day fell and started raining heavily with strong gusty wind.There were me,hubby,my sister and BIL with my one year old nephew who was crying to his best, feared with the first encounter with thunderstorm. Continuous lightning made it even more scary.Worst of all we didn't know the route and google map was only help. With dark of night and rain, navigation became difficult and suspicious.We were really not sure whether our heading is right.No sign board visible to assure us and similarly no people in that gusty rain whom we can ask for correct route.Returning back was impossible so moving forward was the only option left.Booking for the resort was already done a week back.This ordeal full of anxiety,fear,self doubts and uncertainty lasted for 3 long hour(which really appeared like lifetime in that odd circumstances).Finally we saw a big sign-board pointing towards a way and written Horsley Hills. That glace brought life  back to our bodies. After hours of silence we started talking again.Road was hilly,slippery due to rain and few hair pin bend which was difficult to manoeuvre in that pitch dark night.Finally we reached a place from where light was coming.It was Haritha Resort where our booking was made.There was spine chilling cold in the month of Feb.Place was quite,peaceful,royal and giving rustic feeling of old British time.Cottages were spread in large area.We retired to our respective cottage.Food tasted even better probably because we all were celebrating for being still alive.

Next morning was different.After refreshing sleep what woke me up is swiping sound of  Nilgiri trees and birds.Honestly it was magical which can wipe all negativity in no time.We all jumped off bed,had our tea and started exploration.View from valley point was eye feasting.Me and hubby climbed on boulders.If you are trekker this hill can offer many interests for you.Place is so quite that you will doubt that population of India is over hundred million.There is no settlement except for resort's employees.This one is not like other destination so packed you have to walk over someone.What you love here is isolation,peace & silence.Though next day was a week-end so i could see visitors have started flocking.I am not sure whether it turns from quite to happening in week-ends?


How to reach: Take help from google map.
Where to stay: Haritha Resort(options are many which can fit in all size of pockets)
What to do:Ideal place for spending some quality family time,Can go for trekking,bouldering etc.
There is some arrangement for team building activities so ideal for corporate team outing as well.
Where to eat: Haritha Resort Restaurant.In day time there are 2 shacks available for tea,coffee and food.Breakfast is complimentary with stay and you will love the hospitality. 

Overall a completely refreshing place to enjoy..Hope sometime again we will make our trip to this place.

Happy Travelling....

P.S. This was my valentine week trip.Spending time with most loved ones in your life can make any journey one of the most memorable and cherished forever :) .