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Monday, 29 February 2016

Glipse Of My Nomadic Life

Hello there,

I don't call myself a traveler but it does stand a unique lifestyle to me which i am always inspired to live.
I love the feeling of being on road where vistas changes every kilometer.
Food on highway dhabas taste divine to me. It lets me venture out my restricted hygienic food criteria.
And most precious treasures on different road are the people with different stories. 
There is hell lot of things to learn and also to unlearn. It's not wise to carry the load of everything happened in our life. we need to empty the bucket sometimes to fill it with new experiences.

Here are glimpses of our nomadic life (which occurs few times in an year)
Pics are taken during our trekking to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.
@ New Delhi airport, while taking flight for Kathmandu, Nepal

@ A restaurant on the way to Pokhara, Nepal

@ Pokhara, the foot town for all trekking expeditions.

@ Annapurna Base camp

No doubt life is most beautiful when you keep doing what you are passionate for.
I am not a full time traveler. I have a full time job which i love from bottom of my heart and yes money matters to me. So as of now leaving my job and taking travel in full swing is not in plan.   
( Though  i have been inspired to do so after reading many successful blogger and full time traveler)
Hope i will keep on posting regularly.
If you like my write up, do post comments. If you have suggestions i would be more than happy to incorporate.
Stay Healthy and Happy Traveling.