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Friday, 6 June 2014

Is it only me- Materialistic pangs?

Hiii Everyone

It's been looong no?

Well finally after months of sloppy time,my life has come back to normal flow.Work place is no more haunting me. In fact pretty big challenges are in pipeline. I again started enjoying the 9.5 Hour of corporate life which passes in no time. Presently i am having  less complain regarding incomplete plans and lagging. So overall happy going :) :) :) 

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It's Friday and i am not Friday night hangout person(except when i am travelling) i decided to clean my stuffs. Recently i had given away many of my cloths to the people who needs them more than I. But today once again i realized that i  have trunk full of more cloths  to get rid off(i mean it,seeing them makes me sick).Here comes my problem. I have really big number of cloths i wear occasionally.Even big number of cloths i see and wonder what the hell was in my mind when i bought them.Few are still bought back in previous century and still having price tag ON(exaggerated but you know what i mean :) ).But when you decide to give them away suddenly they start appearing  most promising.I doubt myself if i am most materialistic person on the earth or I need dose of some self help book for not shopping.Just to present it righly i am not a shopping person.In fact going to shopping mall is second last option if i need to kill my time(last one in list is watching TV).But yes i do love cloths and experiments a lot with it but also understand the futility of the happiness it gives.

So ladies please tell me, is it only me or you all go same or similar type of feeling in time or is it just a phase?
If you have overcome the problem please do share your experience.

Happy Blogging