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Monday, 24 February 2014

Pulao Ubin-Singapore

Hiii Everyone

Happy Tuesday

In my last blog i have mentioned about Pulao Ubin,an island 20 min ferry ride away from Changi village.
It's not a dazzling hot spot for tourist but if you are a nature lover and want to spend sometime away for hustle-bustle, cycling with mangroves plantation all around this is the perfect place.I say terrain there is not that challenging except few.If you feel tired driving,just take rest at the huts standing roadside.
Cycle for hire is available few meters away the public jetty($5 a day).
Maps of the island is posted at many place so possibility of getting lost is really rare.
When you cycle around  you will come across many ponds full with colorful lotus and water lily.
I wondered are they wild or  any kind of plantation.View of backwaters are really amazing at few places and but yes at some places they are also stinky and dirty.
Again travel with me through my virtual tour..........:)

Happy Travelling and Happy Blogging


One week at dazzling city-Singapore

Hello everyone
How are you doing?Hope everyone well right?

For valentine week i was off to Singapore with hubby for a week.
Singapore dazzled me for n-number of reasons.
I am not a skyscrapper lover buutttt man that city makes you feel wow for many things including those tall buildings.
I have many secret lessons learnt from their lifestyle,way of living,amazing fashion sense,disciplin,food habit.
I have always considered myself a fashion reluctant person.I tend  not to follow trends instead i make my own,never bothering about what people say as long as i am feeling confident and comfortable.But now i am feeling more appreciative and better admirer of fashion.
Apart from absolute clean surroundings and extremely disciplined people I loved many many things.Not only i admired extremely modern singapore city, we also headed to Changi village and Pulao Ubin to peek into how life was in singapore in its back days.
Once again i wish to Spend friday evening at Clarke quay .Once more i want to climb up to the cable car and see the city glittering in night.Hope to do cycling again for the whole day on the trails of Pulao Ubin.
Yet Singapore is not a place where i wish lo live forever but for a change and tourism i give a full thumbs up :)
Here is the virtual tour....:)

Happy Travelling and Happy blogging