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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New Beginning At New Home

Last six months were hectic. Work place was demanding more than ever and our new coming house was taking everything else remaining. From saving every extra penny to working your heart out it was all.
Finally our new house is ready and we moved in. Now i can feel it does give joy more than it took toll on both of us. Watching lovely sunrise from our balcony is soothing so is the sunset completely mesmerizing.
Right now life is in complain-free zone. Workplace is relaxing and home stay  is meditating.As you all are my extended family and part of my joy, here i am sharing pics of my new home. It's been quite a job to make the woodwork done as per your taste when your budget is not as high as your dreams are. So we made carpenter do basic woodwork and i took the job to decorate it to our taste. Many lessons we learnt in this quest.
Detail story i will share some other time. So here comes my Home Sweet Home......










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Hope to keep posting more regular and till then Happy Blogging... :) :)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Is it only me- Materialistic pangs?

Hiii Everyone

It's been looong no?

Well finally after months of sloppy time,my life has come back to normal flow.Work place is no more haunting me. In fact pretty big challenges are in pipeline. I again started enjoying the 9.5 Hour of corporate life which passes in no time. Presently i am having  less complain regarding incomplete plans and lagging. So overall happy going :) :) :) 

Pic Coutesy:Google

It's Friday and i am not Friday night hangout person(except when i am travelling) i decided to clean my stuffs. Recently i had given away many of my cloths to the people who needs them more than I. But today once again i realized that i  have trunk full of more cloths  to get rid off(i mean it,seeing them makes me sick).Here comes my problem. I have really big number of cloths i wear occasionally.Even big number of cloths i see and wonder what the hell was in my mind when i bought them.Few are still bought back in previous century and still having price tag ON(exaggerated but you know what i mean :) ).But when you decide to give them away suddenly they start appearing  most promising.I doubt myself if i am most materialistic person on the earth or I need dose of some self help book for not shopping.Just to present it righly i am not a shopping person.In fact going to shopping mall is second last option if i need to kill my time(last one in list is watching TV).But yes i do love cloths and experiments a lot with it but also understand the futility of the happiness it gives.

So ladies please tell me, is it only me or you all go same or similar type of feeling in time or is it just a phase?
If you have overcome the problem please do share your experience.

Happy Blogging

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Beginning of new India

Hiiia everyone
How are you doing?

My life was slow and sloppy in some areas and extremely challenging in other.

While i kept recollecting my thoughts and wisdom i choose to keep my blog silent for a while.Though i kept reading without fail.

Today i don't want to dig deep into thoughts but share the most common thought roaring in many Indian mind.
Today is certainly a very big day for our nation and it's people because this is dusk of a very long era of dark political ill governance.An era where hope was fading with every passing time.Finally i am happy that time is gone and new sun is bringing a new time of hope and dream.Well i am not trying to be judgmental and i also believe that it is to early to tell the verdict but i do believe we are seeing a beginning which allow us to think in a new way, leaving behind the old odd stinking boundaries of caste and religion.Every countryman is 
eager to join hands to make a one developed India.

I definitely feel Mr. Narendra Modi has persona to carry India to international platform with pride and equality unlike his

predecessors. He is the person who inspires youth to look into India's rich cultural heritage instead of blindly following 
the west.There is nothing wrong in being modern,wrong is on not valuing your own fundamentals and following
something blindly. He is not just person of great vision but also amazing sense of self pride and crisp fashion.
Feeling delighted to witness this historical day.

Love & Pride to every Indian

An Indian with two hands ready to serve to it's level best to bring this dream come true.
Jai Hind

P.S. - All thoughts here are my personal and i don't intend to hurt anybody feeling.But we do have freedom of expression right?

And certainly happiness brings them up.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Pulao Ubin-Singapore

Hiii Everyone

Happy Tuesday

In my last blog i have mentioned about Pulao Ubin,an island 20 min ferry ride away from Changi village.
It's not a dazzling hot spot for tourist but if you are a nature lover and want to spend sometime away for hustle-bustle, cycling with mangroves plantation all around this is the perfect place.I say terrain there is not that challenging except few.If you feel tired driving,just take rest at the huts standing roadside.
Cycle for hire is available few meters away the public jetty($5 a day).
Maps of the island is posted at many place so possibility of getting lost is really rare.
When you cycle around  you will come across many ponds full with colorful lotus and water lily.
I wondered are they wild or  any kind of plantation.View of backwaters are really amazing at few places and but yes at some places they are also stinky and dirty.
Again travel with me through my virtual tour..........:)

Happy Travelling and Happy Blogging


One week at dazzling city-Singapore

Hello everyone
How are you doing?Hope everyone well right?

For valentine week i was off to Singapore with hubby for a week.
Singapore dazzled me for n-number of reasons.
I am not a skyscrapper lover buutttt man that city makes you feel wow for many things including those tall buildings.
I have many secret lessons learnt from their lifestyle,way of living,amazing fashion sense,disciplin,food habit.
I have always considered myself a fashion reluctant person.I tend  not to follow trends instead i make my own,never bothering about what people say as long as i am feeling confident and comfortable.But now i am feeling more appreciative and better admirer of fashion.
Apart from absolute clean surroundings and extremely disciplined people I loved many many things.Not only i admired extremely modern singapore city, we also headed to Changi village and Pulao Ubin to peek into how life was in singapore in its back days.
Once again i wish to Spend friday evening at Clarke quay .Once more i want to climb up to the cable car and see the city glittering in night.Hope to do cycling again for the whole day on the trails of Pulao Ubin.
Yet Singapore is not a place where i wish lo live forever but for a change and tourism i give a full thumbs up :)
Here is the virtual tour....:)

Happy Travelling and Happy blogging


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why do I travel so much????

Hiiiia Friends
How are you doing?

Well my things are going super slow and sleepy.

More than often i am asked by my colleagues and friends same question-Why do i travel so much?How can i get so much leaves?
And whenever my colleagues peek into my leave account,they wonder how i am still having so many leaves left?I try answer
them every time but they don't seem convinced .So i decided to pour my whole heart through my blog here.I will answer few questions separately in other blogs but today i am covering what travel teaches me? Why i strive so badly for travel.

pics courtesy-quora

1.Travel makes me more alive-It may sound weird but true in my case.Doing repetitive things in routine we tend to loose appreciating those little things i.e. food, sunrise, sunset,
rain, wind, people and list will go on.When you are out in alien land you are just more aware for every single thing,let it be road or scenery around,food you taste,people you meet.You are just more receptive to take then and live that moment.

2.Travel makes me more Independent-Two contradictory things comes here.When you travel actually you have to depend on people around for many things like getting directions,getting review for best place to eat from your autowala and likewise many more. But when you cross every hurdle which suddenly comes on your way,a acute feeling comes from within that says you are far more capable for doing anything than you can think of being within safe box.Your self reliance raises.Your confidence reaches new height.

3.Travel teaches me better finance Management- Apart for saving from all "not so necessary"things to manage travel expenses,there are other lessons too comes when you travel.I am sharing one story here.In the month of October i visited araku which was blazing with protest for Samyekhya andhra. While coming back there was a complete "Bandh".We walked around 10+ km to catch your train.30+KM  we covered in shared auto(changing thrice).Auto fare was skyrising. I saw rural people there, for them extra Rs 10 hike makes travel impossible.When i came back from the trip my
respect for money increased. I started using it more wisely.Every penny counts.

4.Travel makes me compassionate-Same in Araku trip,due to bandh businesses, which are run barely on tourists were badly affected.I saw number of people lying hungry.When you see how there are different kind of problems people have and are able to make peace with it your complains seams tiny.You become more compassionate and giving.

5.Travel teaches me patience-Have you ever got annoyed standing in Que in super market or in front of trial room in mall.I did many times and i still do.I resolved that issue with ordering everything i need online including vegetables and groceries. Well but truth remains same not everything available online.When you are travel you can't do anything when your train or flight gets delayed or you missed your bus.You can't keep frowning for what happened but you have to act immediately for next possible option. That's how sick things happen in life and we keep frowning for that forever.After facing these situations many times i have grown much better to have patience in real life.Understanding and taking things normally when they go wrong. Travel taught me about those places and also showed about different facet of human life,It makes me more mature and grown while still keeping that child heart alive which can laugh madly on crankiest joke or who can dance on every single celebration.So keep travelling and celebrating the joy of life....
Happy Travel............

Monday, 13 January 2014

One Postcard From My Life-Kondaveedu Fort

Hello Everyone
How are you all?

Seems like late start for new year for me.
Well i had wonderful celebration for new year eve and next day,away from city,away from crowd,beneath open sky,in the arms of nature.Will share the detailed story soon in my next blog.
As new year started i am still in the process of decluttering and simplifying my  everyday life.
Thoughts are settling in mind for longer duration than usual.Yeah brainstorming for best ideas are going.
So for now i am sharing this postcard,which was taken from my last visit to Kondaveedu Fort.

We trekked up the hill to the lost Kondaveedu fort,located near Guntur,Andhrapradesh.
There is one thing i want to admit here,since the time i have moved to Hyderabad,the landscape of entire Deccan Plateau never fails to allure me to trek with them..I am in love with those rocky terrain.
So here is a virtual tour via this postcard......Happy New Year 2014...