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Monday, 25 April 2016

Book Review- Don't Loose out, work out(Rujuta Diwekar)

Hello friends
Recently i have been reading lots of book on nutrition. The reason behind is my willingness to know more and more about nutrients and their effect on body.
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Reading hell lots of article about it all contradicting i found Rujutha Divekar most reasonable. Why so? Because:
1. She is not just focusing in weight loss but overall health.
2. She is only one who gives perspective of holistic diet.
3. She emphasize on timing of food intake rather than just counting on calories.
4. She is the only dietitian  who says Ghee is not bad, she will never tell you to stop eating your native things(rice, paratha, butter and what not).
5. Despite all she helps celebrity to loss weight. She is the one behind Kareena's Tashan Avatar.
6. Her wit is marvelous. Totally loved reading her.

So after reading her 3 books back to back i am pretty much convinced to go as per diet plan and see the results. I will definitely keep sharing the results.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

Why I prefer group trekking?

Hello Friends

Trekking is something very close to my heart. On times i have thought of leaving my corporate job and become a full time trekker BUT family ties still can't acknowledge this passion and I am yet to move ahead leaving a steady career behind. Me and hubby go for trekking at least thrice an year. Mostly just two of us. Even when we go to beach destination, we try to explore nearby cliffs. Couple of times we go with adventure club and i totally love it.
Last Group photo before leaving from Gokarna

1. Opportunity to meet new people:
Its great way to meet other people with same interest. Also it provides opportunity to peep into others lifestyle. Many new things becomes motivation for your everyday life.

2. Flexibility to stay out:
This one is a gold catch. When we two go we are always very particular about where we will stay and safety is always a priority concern. But in group entire universe is yours. Like in our recent trip to Gokarna we slept on beach every night and it was unbelievably  beautiful.

3. Safety:
we its just two of us we will never venture  out for night trekking but in group nothing can stop us. Recently we have trekked from Om beach to Kundle beach in night.

4. Cost Effective:
 Travelling in group reduces per head charge significantly. You can hire a bus if group size is big and you can manage your timings efficiently,

5. Sports:
In group you can play fun games all through journey. If you are heading to beach destination you can play beach volleyball. So if you love playing, do travel in group and make every journey memorable..

Happy Traveling

Staying Fit-Is it that difficult?

Hello Friends

 Almost everyday i meet new people in gym, all struggling for losing weight. They come and do some random exercise and they don't come for next week. Most of the women i meet their regular talk is about  struggle for losing weights. I will share some of my tricks which helped me to stay fit despite having chronic PCOD, insulin resistance.
Cycling @ Kalapathar Beach, Andaman

1. Exercise:
Everyone knows the significance of exercise so i don't need to tell more. But what i want to tell is how to make it Consistent. We tent to keep 40min-1 hr for workout and when we have a  very busy or exhausting day we try to skip. My point is no matter how little time or energy you have, try to go and do easiest possible exercise. Like you can just cycle for 20min or cross leg or 10 rounds of suryanamaskar. That way you will keep your consistency.

2. Yoga: 
Honestly i am not huge fan of yoga but what i have understood after practicing it for years(ON/OFF) 
it provides flexibility and elevated our mood which in turns motivates for going for exercise everyday. So it is win-win. 

3. Keep hydrated:
Again everyone knows water flushes out toxin but what they don't think about taking water regularly. What i do is no matter where i go i carry my water bottle. And make sure i drink often. I can also easily calculate how many time i have refilled which helps me to keep eye on fluid intake. You can also include coconut water in routine though somehow i find it difficult.

4. Eating Fruits;
i am still not an advocate on fruit only diet but what i emphasize on is when every time we feel hungry lets not always jump to high calorie food instead eat one banana or grapes or Chiku. I agree even they contain high fructose but they also carry minerals which are essential for our health.

5. Rotation:
This one is important no matter how much you love to do exercise but it becomes monotonous in due course of time. So what can be done lets include something else for short span. Like when i don't feel like going to gym, i go for swimming/Yoga. Possibly dance on my favorite song when i am alone and in no mood to do any thing else.

Hope it will give you some motivation for remaining fit. Fitness is a life long journey not the destination.

Stay healthy.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

5 ways to keep you productive in workplace.

Hello everyone
Here i am  with some insight to keep yourself productive at workplace. No matter how much you love your job there are low times when you find it difficult to remain at your best.

1. Take some time off:

This might look difficult but there is no harm in taking a break in a while. Just let your mind go away from your ritual thoughts. Better if you go for some outing or vacation but even if you cant go for it just relax at home. Do some gardening, clean your closet , arrange your things, go shopping and hell lots of thing to do. These times let you understand things are actually not as bad we have imagined.

2. Enjoy your time pre and post office:

If  you start your day with the though of office and end your day with same consuming thoughts, i think this a time to make some necessary drift. Please don't strain yourself with already demanding workplace. First thing of the day must be soothing. You can sit on your balcony with hot cup of tea or just seeing around. Give some time to yourself to connect with nature. Similar way once you are back from office, sit for a while. You can still sit outside with your kindle and favorite book. See workplace will be mostly demanding so how to treat yourself before and after has huge impact on your recovery.

3. Get sometime for good book:

This seams impossible but i have incorporated it in my lifestyle. I have told you previously that i work as Aircraft Engineer. And some amount of the day is killed in waiting for spare parts, awaiting some approval. So now i carry my kindle around whenever i have time i can still read couple of pages. Also during tea break time or post lunch time. It keeps nourishing  your creativity which is very important for happy mind.

4. Finish your work before deadline:

In my career of 10 years this is one thing i have always emphasized upon. My job is ruled by deadlines. One small delay in departure might cost you your job sometimes. So when some task comes in my basket first hing i do is to split the work into fragments and fit it within schedule and keep some buffer time for unexpected encounters.
Don't pile up things rather go with flow. if you have finished some portions it will definitely ease your burden.

5.Stay Happy:

Be happy about things around. For example i work in Shamshabad airport and live in Gachibowli. so my everyday drive is 63km in total. But i enjoy the landscape on the way also inside airport premises. It always lightens my mind. Felling happy about your surrounding definitely elevates your mind.

Please reply in comment section below if you have some suggestions.

Happy Working, Happy living and Happy Blogging.


No Bitching

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing fine.

Coming back to me, feeling little low on very demanding job. 
It's not that i hate my job or people around but i think every once in a while this situation comes and which forces to find my calling further.
When you are working in corporate office, there will be people whom you have very good relation and also there will be people with strained relation. These cases are inevitable. Lets not decide on who or what is wrong but the fact is some people are so different that you and it's impossible to gel with them.
So here are the tricks i use to make my workplace sustainable.

1. Acknowledge the difference-
Will give a real time example i have a colleague who is worst of it's kind in term of  minimum understanding for shared responsibility. With time i have grown really intolerant about her presence near me. I am facing same kind of heat from her end as well. It's difficult to avoid this kind of people when you have to part of same work force. But i cant be bitching around so decided to leave the mess as it is, Keeping my interaction to minimum and making an independent niche for me really helped.

2.Say No to bitching-
This one is difficult particularly if you are a women.
We are hardwired that way for being very critical towards fellow women. But trust me this do much harm than good. So understand the difference and let your ground not intersect theirs. Your bitching is grapevine for others. So lets not wash our dirty laundry in public.

3. Troubled old relation-
Some one used to be  a very good friends of yours whom you no longer have talking terms. Ironically best friends becomes worst enemy if relationship go soar. Having venom about other person, missing no opportunity to tarnish his/her image, i personally find it meaningless to try to patch up things. If relations go wrong i prefer not trying to repair it. Opposite of love is not hatred, it is apathy. There is no better revenge than when you don't give a damn about other persons existence. Hatred still have binding force with that person. Loose all bond and go free.

Hope if that can help.
You can share your experience in comment below.

Happy living and Happy blogging...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

6 Reasons To must Have Kindle If You Are A Reader


Finally it's SUNDAY and after many weeks of continuous work i have OFF today.
In this busy days one of my gadgets has been a constant companion " my kindle". I don't call myself a hard core reader but as a matter of fact i totally love reading. But days are gone when i used to have ample time to dig my head into library shelf now i barely have time to read(honestly) . I have the same feeling for books, the touch, its feel is way different when you read same thing in soft copy. The content remains same but still the feeling of reading shifts drastically.
Anyway coming to the point despite all i bought a kindle(after lot of calculations) and you know this is certainly my "Gadget of the Year"
Image Curtsy

So here is 6 reasons why you must have a kindle if you are a reader:
1. Store-you can store huge collection in this tiny device. 
2. Flexibility- you can read in all break times in office, with morning/Evening tea, before bed time.
3. battery power is superb. I keep reading for 20+ days without charging.
4. Less strain to your eyes thanks to awesome brightness setting.
5. Comparatively less expansive.
6. Travelling with Kindle is a real breeze, Long waiting hours in airport or railways won't bother you anymore(at the least minimize).

After complaining for years about time constrain for reading now it certainly has became a routine. I read during my office hours whenever i am having small tea breaks, just after waking up and before going to bed. I could read very small portion though but i am happy to make is continuous.

So with all the beautiful feelings of reading, stay fit, stay happy, happy reading........

Mini :).........

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Gokarna- A little piece of paradise

Hello there,
First time ever i have heard about Gokarna is from some travel blog. In description , it totally looked like my kind of place so ever since this place was on our travel list. Finally on Jan 2016 long weekend we finally stepped there and yes it was way prettier than how it was described.

Place Details:
Those who have never heard about Gokarna, it is a sleepy small town in coastal Karnataka(close to Goa). It also has pilgrimage site of Murudeshwer nearby.

Things We Loved :
Well to the people who just want some nice, beautiful place away from regular life. This place is perfectly for you. People who want a very happening time i don't think Gokarna promises that.Water is perfect  blue and beaches have fine sand and very clean( at par with beaches from south Goa & 1000 times better than Calangute/Bagha). It's not jam packed place. Most of the tourists there are foreigners.

1. Infrastructure is not very developed. You can't find many resorts kind of things(There are few you can checkout in google). Set ups are basic hut.
Food was amazing and eating itself is too much fun.
2. Connectivity is poor(at least i think that). For us it was train journey from HYD-HUBLI. then bus ride to Gokarna covering few places of interest on the way. Thanks to the Jumbo group we were travelling with,this journey felt like breeze. If we would have traveled alone journey itself might have frustrated us.
3. Few Beaches: Please don't think it is just like Goa. In Goa in every few kilometers there are beaches and options are many with individual preference. Here Its just 3- Kudle Beach, Om beach and Gokarna beach. The last beach is mostly crowded with people of spiritual thirst. Kudle and Om beaches are perfect for other tourist. There are two more beaches named as halfmoon  beach & paradise beach which you can reach after some hiking. They were ok not something amazing.

My Recommendation
I loved stay and food@ Kudle beach.

Here are photo journey:
Sunset @ Paradise beach

Top view of Paradise beach

Few Yoga enthusiasts

Kids getting ready for the game

Top view of Gokarna Beach

Just me

Me and Hubby trying hard for a nice selfie

Please let me know by comments if you like my piece.
Stay Healthy, keep travelling and happy blogging