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Monday, 25 April 2016

Why I prefer group trekking?

Hello Friends

Trekking is something very close to my heart. On times i have thought of leaving my corporate job and become a full time trekker BUT family ties still can't acknowledge this passion and I am yet to move ahead leaving a steady career behind. Me and hubby go for trekking at least thrice an year. Mostly just two of us. Even when we go to beach destination, we try to explore nearby cliffs. Couple of times we go with adventure club and i totally love it.
Last Group photo before leaving from Gokarna

1. Opportunity to meet new people:
Its great way to meet other people with same interest. Also it provides opportunity to peep into others lifestyle. Many new things becomes motivation for your everyday life.

2. Flexibility to stay out:
This one is a gold catch. When we two go we are always very particular about where we will stay and safety is always a priority concern. But in group entire universe is yours. Like in our recent trip to Gokarna we slept on beach every night and it was unbelievably  beautiful.

3. Safety:
we its just two of us we will never venture  out for night trekking but in group nothing can stop us. Recently we have trekked from Om beach to Kundle beach in night.

4. Cost Effective:
 Travelling in group reduces per head charge significantly. You can hire a bus if group size is big and you can manage your timings efficiently,

5. Sports:
In group you can play fun games all through journey. If you are heading to beach destination you can play beach volleyball. So if you love playing, do travel in group and make every journey memorable..

Happy Traveling

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