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Monday, 25 April 2016

Book Review- Don't Loose out, work out(Rujuta Diwekar)

Hello friends
Recently i have been reading lots of book on nutrition. The reason behind is my willingness to know more and more about nutrients and their effect on body.
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Reading hell lots of article about it all contradicting i found Rujutha Divekar most reasonable. Why so? Because:
1. She is not just focusing in weight loss but overall health.
2. She is only one who gives perspective of holistic diet.
3. She emphasize on timing of food intake rather than just counting on calories.
4. She is the only dietitian  who says Ghee is not bad, she will never tell you to stop eating your native things(rice, paratha, butter and what not).
5. Despite all she helps celebrity to loss weight. She is the one behind Kareena's Tashan Avatar.
6. Her wit is marvelous. Totally loved reading her.

So after reading her 3 books back to back i am pretty much convinced to go as per diet plan and see the results. I will definitely keep sharing the results.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

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