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Thursday, 21 April 2016

No Bitching

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing fine.

Coming back to me, feeling little low on very demanding job. 
It's not that i hate my job or people around but i think every once in a while this situation comes and which forces to find my calling further.
When you are working in corporate office, there will be people whom you have very good relation and also there will be people with strained relation. These cases are inevitable. Lets not decide on who or what is wrong but the fact is some people are so different that you and it's impossible to gel with them.
So here are the tricks i use to make my workplace sustainable.

1. Acknowledge the difference-
Will give a real time example i have a colleague who is worst of it's kind in term of  minimum understanding for shared responsibility. With time i have grown really intolerant about her presence near me. I am facing same kind of heat from her end as well. It's difficult to avoid this kind of people when you have to part of same work force. But i cant be bitching around so decided to leave the mess as it is, Keeping my interaction to minimum and making an independent niche for me really helped.

2.Say No to bitching-
This one is difficult particularly if you are a women.
We are hardwired that way for being very critical towards fellow women. But trust me this do much harm than good. So understand the difference and let your ground not intersect theirs. Your bitching is grapevine for others. So lets not wash our dirty laundry in public.

3. Troubled old relation-
Some one used to be  a very good friends of yours whom you no longer have talking terms. Ironically best friends becomes worst enemy if relationship go soar. Having venom about other person, missing no opportunity to tarnish his/her image, i personally find it meaningless to try to patch up things. If relations go wrong i prefer not trying to repair it. Opposite of love is not hatred, it is apathy. There is no better revenge than when you don't give a damn about other persons existence. Hatred still have binding force with that person. Loose all bond and go free.

Hope if that can help.
You can share your experience in comment below.

Happy living and Happy blogging...

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