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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bamboo Checken Delight @ Maredmilli Forest,East Godavari

It's been long after last forest trek to Anantagiri. This time my heart was demanding something more in quantum,may be long 20+ km of dense forest trek.Me and my partner had been postponing few treks for couple of months due to work and family obligation.That made us promise we are not going to postpone this one at any cost.Friday 1st Feb was the departure day.We kept waking for Thursday night in packing everything necessary.I kept googling and peeking into online sites for good deals for all essentials.Though it did not do any magic this time and we were forced to rush into Wildcraft store for buying sleeping bag which remained matter of dispute even now about its utility v/s cost.I hope we will figure it out soon. :)

I begin with Thursday night,our home was in mess,collecting everything and keeping them here and there with extreme pressure of getting up early next morning for office and making way to Secunderabad railway station at the evening.

Friday for the whole day i kept making notes of everything i have to pack and review before departure.In fact i was day-dreaming about the trek but deep down i was skeptical about if some thing comes out in last minute to foil this plan.But luckily no such thing happened and we did final packing.One fact about packing- no matter how many list you make,deciding factor is always size of your backpack which restrict your essentials it can accommodate.


We live near airport and Secundrabad railway station is 40km away which appears no less than 80km in the traffic of Friday evening.We reached station on time and assembled at the destined place.We did not know other members in the group but people with super big backpack near our bogie was an easy recognition for them.Train came we all boarded,introduced each other,started sharing food and laugh and trip of fun began.Group size was of 13 people.Few were from IT major,few grad students,some running their own business etc etc so overall it was heterogeneous group with enough diversity but one unity that everyone was passionate about trekking.Chit-chatting started as our train started moving on wheel.

 We reached Rajahmundry 30 min late at 7 am than the expected time.Seeing city with monuments of British era like train yards and others was delighting.Rajahmundry has many things to tell about so i am going to write a separate blog for this city.I spotted many people going for jogging/running on the garden surrounding Godavari.Illuminating with first light of the day,the serenity of this holy river was majestic. Criss-crossing bridges were complementing it's splendour.After 2.5 hour of refreshing ride amid  forestation,spine chilling wind,serpentine road and series of soothing Bollywood and not to mention Tollywood songs were completely making mood.While passing through those narrow roads i was remembering my Munnar trip and couldn't stop making comparison.If you liked weather of Munnar,in easy reach you much try East Godavari.It has really  many things to offer.

By 9 we reached our Jungle resort VanVihari.Small cottages surrounded with all kind of trees and ferns,away from noise except birds chirping in unison was really soothing for city folks like us.Well to be frank i don't consider us as city  folk.I have my reason to justify that :)
1.Our residence is at outskirt which still exist in very raw form to be called city.
2.The view i get from every doors and windows of my house is large boulders,small plateau,green paddy field which occasionally turn brown,flower gardens and long and wide landscape of inhabited plain.
3.We still buy fresh vegetables plucked immediately  from the field and sold in cheapest price as compare to cold stored food of supermarket.
4.There is still power cut for many hours but thanks to greenery around which spares our life from scorching heat.
So in my understanding above mentioned reasons are enough to subsidies the fact that i am working in International Airport and hubby is working in IT giant.


Anyways so far we reached Vanvihari and breathing fresh air of jungle,living in small cottages built near forest,smelling fragrance of bamboo chicken that is major attraction of Maredumilli village.

We started our trek at noon 12 holding our food and water supply on back.We took 12km route,passing though small water channels,coming across beautiful wild flowers and creepers,sometime steep climb sometime steep fall.The best one was the spirit to help each other to finish the trek successfully.We kept passing climbs and hurdles, admiring beauty of nature,filling our stomach with purest water from cascades flowing inside and many more.We kept walking all the way until we reached tribal village where they still live in their aboriginal way away from civilisation. I saw two young kids with Grannie clad in piece of cloth,looking at us with amazement.
I was awestruck to see their toys which was miniature trucks,buses and van made from wood.

We cleared some area and had lunch then we started our return trek back to village.We were aware it will be difficult to walk with full belly plus falling day light will reduce visibility soon.We had to keep our self going for making our way out before fall of the day.That was a tough time speculating a lot about whats going to happen if it will be dark and we will be still inside and what if creatures from the jungle starts showing up,whatever we had seen in horror movie so far started making their appearance in our brain.The greenery and beauty of jungle you have enjoyed in the day of light become scary in pitch dark.It was 6 pm and last lot of day light still visible we were out of the jungle,exhausted but happy,perspiration but smiling.Our car arrived in 10 min to pick us from there and carry us back to vanvihari.This was end of the trek but memories and stories lasted for days and weeks.

How To Reach:
Take Train from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry,then hire four wheeler as per size of group.Its 2-3 hours drive from Rajahmundry,Road is scenic,you will definitely enjoy fresh air.

Where to Stay: Vanvihari forest stay is nice and  is at walking distance from village.Price is nominal and food and general usage things are available nearby itself.If you are looking for camping in Jungle there is a campsite at river bank on forest periphery.

What to Do:
1.Jungle Trekking to Tribal Village(distance depend on group endurance and pace but be rest assured whatever distance you will cover will be refreshing).Difficulty level is Moderate except couple of  steep climb.
2.Eat Bamboo Chicken.I am a vegetarian so cant exactly tell you but i have witnessed people relishing it madly.Preparation has spices all over chicken then filled inside hollow tube of bamboo then baked on charcoal.
3.Visit Rampochavaram waterfall,Though crowded in weekends but if you can climb to upper stages you will be definitely enthralled. It is very scenic,quite and inviting.Chill yourself in the pool, have magical experience to get waterfall massage. 
4.There are couple of  small water fall in 5-6 km distance from Vanvihari but water level vary with season.But if you have time and energy its worth visiting.
5.While way back spend some time on the bank of Godavari at Rajahmundry. I loved food from road side vendor and watching sun sinking in horizon while reflecting it's flare of the holy water of Godavari is really a show. 

So this is overall story of the trip though i feel there is a lot to tell.Trip ended but sweet memories and spicy stories are still matter of our talk and laugh.


  1. Great.. I love the treatment of your post.. its always admires me.

    1. Thanks roobi.You are always welcome in my webspace.

  2. Nice write up of your travel account!

    1. Thanks Niranjan.Your shots of Nagas are interesting.

  3. Never heard of this place
    Looks so interesting thanks for this post

    1. Thanks Krithi. Welcome to my blog
      Yes this place is not so popular but really deserve to be known.Very nice place for moderate trekking and if you eat chicken,it will be yummy too.:)

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