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Thursday, 21 April 2016

5 ways to keep you productive in workplace.

Hello everyone
Here i am  with some insight to keep yourself productive at workplace. No matter how much you love your job there are low times when you find it difficult to remain at your best.

1. Take some time off:

This might look difficult but there is no harm in taking a break in a while. Just let your mind go away from your ritual thoughts. Better if you go for some outing or vacation but even if you cant go for it just relax at home. Do some gardening, clean your closet , arrange your things, go shopping and hell lots of thing to do. These times let you understand things are actually not as bad we have imagined.

2. Enjoy your time pre and post office:

If  you start your day with the though of office and end your day with same consuming thoughts, i think this a time to make some necessary drift. Please don't strain yourself with already demanding workplace. First thing of the day must be soothing. You can sit on your balcony with hot cup of tea or just seeing around. Give some time to yourself to connect with nature. Similar way once you are back from office, sit for a while. You can still sit outside with your kindle and favorite book. See workplace will be mostly demanding so how to treat yourself before and after has huge impact on your recovery.

3. Get sometime for good book:

This seams impossible but i have incorporated it in my lifestyle. I have told you previously that i work as Aircraft Engineer. And some amount of the day is killed in waiting for spare parts, awaiting some approval. So now i carry my kindle around whenever i have time i can still read couple of pages. Also during tea break time or post lunch time. It keeps nourishing  your creativity which is very important for happy mind.

4. Finish your work before deadline:

In my career of 10 years this is one thing i have always emphasized upon. My job is ruled by deadlines. One small delay in departure might cost you your job sometimes. So when some task comes in my basket first hing i do is to split the work into fragments and fit it within schedule and keep some buffer time for unexpected encounters.
Don't pile up things rather go with flow. if you have finished some portions it will definitely ease your burden.

5.Stay Happy:

Be happy about things around. For example i work in Shamshabad airport and live in Gachibowli. so my everyday drive is 63km in total. But i enjoy the landscape on the way also inside airport premises. It always lightens my mind. Felling happy about your surrounding definitely elevates your mind.

Please reply in comment section below if you have some suggestions.

Happy Working, Happy living and Happy Blogging.


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