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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Birth of a travel blogger

Hello Readers,

Well today i am not writing  about my travel but something about myself and how and when this passion of travel came into me.

I will like to give a brief background about me.I have spent my childhood with my maternal grand parents in one small town in chhattisgarh(that time it was part of MP).My Nanaji was a travel enthusiast so i tagged along wherever he goes.That's my oldest memory about how this travel thing is being injected into my veins and made its way to my heart.

After doing my primary school  i got selected for continuing my studies in Navodaya (fully funded central govt  residential school for bright student from rural areas and I still boast for being one of them;)).In  seven year of schooling, sports was part of our living.We used to start our day in playground and used to end the day in the same manner.Of course that time it was a compulsion,but how and when this compulsion became my identity i am yet to figure out.So here born an athlete Padmini(before this, trust me i had no idea about this dimension.)

Living in Navodaya was like challenging your limit everyday.You will get equal opportunity to excel in all possible areas you know.Initially my participation was all about being best and smartest among the group but later on ,it was  about my love towards arts,music and dance.So until age of 18 sports,dance and music were my constant and not to mention best companion.In that seven years of my stay in boarding school i covered many destinations as athlete where journey was all about enjoying every moment to fullest(No time or camera to capture those moments and only track suit to wear so no hundred posture in all those places and of course last but not least no facebook page to update).Most memorable was the trip to participate in Navodaya National Cup Handball Meet from Bhopal region at Bundi (Rajansthan).We covered chhatarpur-Orchha-Jhansi-Bundi-Jaipur in Bolero through villages of Rajasthan,seen more fort than even in one go (ohh i still remember the fragrance of Rajasthani soil and food........).

After school i went to Bhopal for doing engineering and there my life took a complete U-turn.No activity to do in college and suddenly i realised all my interests are taking back seat.But fate has something else for me.I got two most hilarious roommates in my hostel and now again i was back to me.Seeing places,driving our vehicle in full rain triple seat,wondering madly on Bhopal lake drive when whole Bhopal is under Bajrag dal alert,trekking to the hill nearby,turning our room more to zoo and many more too em brassed to share....... ;).Life was still beautiful and as i wanted it to.

Then the worst time came "JOB SEARCH" .That remembrance itself sounds more like something or someone screaming in my worst nightmare.Spending worst summer of my life in New Delhi working as intern,travelling daily in deadly crowded bus from Palam to IGI airport.Life was like living in hell.Kadki in pocket,less money to spend and more dreams to fulfil(well that's not true i exaggerated my bad condition as my parents were very generous to me but i was habituate living extravaganza ;)There was a saying at my home that Ranu(what my parents call me with love) gets fever when her account balance touches 10k so they always kept topping it up without failing)

Finally that time came for which i have invested my 12 years of studies(that was actually effortless as i truly enjoy studying,no matter whats the subject..once caught by warden in my school hostel reading book"how to write love letter" though i have never written one :) ).I got a good job and started earning well then i proudly declared to myself-now time has come to live my hobbies and interest (well that was just a declaration as i always lived my life in my own way constantly harmonising with my interests)

Then i was moved to Kualalumpur due to work reason and there actually i understood,whats the meaning of being travel enthusiastic .I could see lots of people going for trekking.Destinations were easily available,transport was very convenient,very well managed.I could see people are camping with family as their car was actually like moving house.Small patch of forest was left in the middle of the city so that people could experience jungle trekking in their daily basis.It was like a cultural shock to me  because being Indian i had a total different mindset where such travel was a luxury.I used to tag along those trekkers and jungle trekking became part of my everyday workout.Though it never failed to amaze me with its novelty.I actually realised its all about an individuals passion so that was a kick start for a traveller named Padmini-too hungry to cover more and more.

After 3 years in Malaysia i am back to my own country.Now my definition has broaden and this passion has engraved deep within me.I am now member of a club doing lots of trekking and adventure activity,got a wonderful life partner,with whom every journey is more memorable.Every foot prints which we have made holding each others hands  are deeper than ever before.So here came the time when i began sharing my travel tales and lessons learnt on the way and that gave birth to this blog-Treasure of Travelling...My journey as a traveller and travel blogger is going good so far...hope to share a lot of stories on the be part of my journey....keep reading my blog.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

On the less beaten road-Occean to Ocean Run Thailand

Some destination keeps calling-i am a believer.And it proved true for this unique trip to Thailand in the year 2010.I was not a blogger then but this event has a deep memory worth sharing here .As title sounds crazy "Ocean to Ocean run" indeed it is 100% true.


11th Dec 2010 was the decision day when organised sunrise to sunset relay race from Pacific to Indian ocean,distance 136.6km,8 runners,2 female rest 6 male.Sounds unbelievable but absolutely not.My reaction was exactly same when i heard it for the first time.I was told 140km :)


The story did not start at decision day but around a month ago so it's some where near Nov(that's why memories tickling me this Nov :) second birthday hihi).I was working as trainee engineer in Malaysia airlines and they had(still have) wonderful team of veteran runners who participate in all possible races around the globe and leave there footprints(that's the perk of working in airline industry,you will get free tickets.So travel expenses will never bother you but i am still one of the unluckiest in aviation whose company does maintain aircraft but does not own airline so no free ticket,no free travel to the world :( ).Next question,what was I that time and answer is- i was a trainee runner (haha)in park nearby my stay to keep me fit and who also participate in all possible 10km and 21km races organised in Kualalumpur and who boasted on herself like being P.T. Usha(if not Usain bolt :)) and always thought she could even go to Olympics and get few gold for India if trained well(See the height and impracticality of my dreams uhh).Malaysia airlines team had best runners already in their basket.In my understanding they were best not because they run well but because they practice really really hard.I will explain what do i mean by saying "really really hard".How i do or i have seen most of the people doing,they run for a race and once they complete it they boast for next one week then they take rest for another one week before coming back to their routine(i have already mentioned including me :( ) but these guys were different,they are right back on the track as they complete their race,every race is preparation for the next bigger one.And the kind of chemistry and team attitude they share i salute.Those runners are from different departments,sitting on high chairs.Someone may be GM-IT,someone Sr HR Manager,some may be a trainee engineer (like me)but when they are in team they are simply runner.
The particular category in Ocean to Ocean relay they were thinking to run,made it mandatory to have two female runners and there was a range of the average age for the team (criteria defined for average age of the team so not all player can be young or Gray to give competition  an edge)which was overshooting for MA team so they were in hunt of a young female runner(to bring mean age for the team within range).One day one of my colleagues in engineering division saw me running for 5km in annual sports day and he inquired me about my practice routine.I had no idea what will be coming next but i explained every figure (inflated :)) about my running routine that i do this that and blah blah.Later on he asked me to come for practice on the hill where MA team practice their drills.So with my sports shoe ON i headed to the called place and as expected, team was already there.People from different division of MA whom i had never seen or met.Most of them were veteran runners.They declared "we are going up-down hill 3 times".I had no idea what's the distance but never had fear also(that's the plus point and actual reason for my achievement what i really care is just run not the distance).That day actually i have realized they don't run but fly without a bit of tiredness.Their sprint,their endurance have marveled me.It was so measured so calculated and perfect.That day i actually realized where excellence lies and where i belong right now(big dash to my hypothetical daydreams).Well i completed the whole loop  without puffing all the surrounding air.They were impressed and i was in the team huhuhuhu(my first big achievement).I  did my practice routine regularly. Even time came when i used to go for running 20km in one shot 3days a week(sound exaggerated but  true).I was getting their emails daily about how important every single member in this relay race is,if one fail to deliver best whole team will collapse.


Just to explain it was a relay race of 136.6 kms covered by 8 runners in 3 dash. Each dash length differs and distance was not equally divided but according to difficulty level .Because some area may have steep climb,some may be valley,some may be inside a city but runners change over point are same for all team.I was the seventh runner for the team(a new bird just came out of cocoon) and got segment of 7km(plain)-5(hill and down)-8.5km(elevated).Team had full faith on me but they were really worried about my last stretch of elevation.They warned me several times "last stretch will be challenging because by evening whole body will give up and only one thing you want- to stop".But i knew myself more than any body there i.e if scenery is beautiful ,what my heart and body demands is more and more of it :)





So after practicing for a month we headed to Thailand via Hatyai.It was a  pleasant luxury bus travel and i was really keen to know how is immigration and other stuff in roadways(so far i had done that in airways only),what and how this no-mans land looks and feels like and a lot new experience.I was the only one in the team holding Indian passport,one more person was holding Australian passport, rest all were Malaysian and they didn't need visa to travel Thailand.I got up at last check point of Malaysia then bus entered into no-mans land,and finally around 6 am in the morning we were at immigration check point of Thailand,It was still dark.First thing i saw was few fat men with thick gold ring on all their fingers and yelling "Indian passport, come this side".I was a bit surprised about whats going on.All my colleagues were in normal immigration line and i was cornered to get my visa done.I was aware that visa-on-arrival is free for Thailand but the crooks sitting in immigration office were demanding for fat cash.I showed all my knowledge about visa procedure and fee structure but they were just demanding without giving any ear to my debate.All my team mates were done with immigration and now waiting for me on the other side and i was still arguing with these non-listeners.But being an Indian this was not the first situation in life time.I remember all arguments of this kind whenever i was caught driving my vehicle without helmet and asked for money by police in my college days(i never paid them, shamelessly saying"student hain sir,paise nahi hai" but definitely learnt to always drive with helmet ON),sometimes boarding train without ticket and hefty amount asked by TT(i have boarded twice WT because Que was too big and i had only two choice 1-leave the train 2- board WT,i had chosen the second and caught both time alas!) and argument goes exactly same way.So my long term practice to deal with such situation paid me good result.I remained adamant at my point and made them stamping on my passport without paying a single penny and created a history in front of my Malaysian colleagues(Malaysian are very simple people i can say that after staying 3 years between them.At least for ordeal like this,they will simply pay thinking it as a rule).So that was my welcome in Thailand and my heart shouted "Hospitality in Thailand,what the F**k".



So by the time i was across boarder my bus had already left me. There were just me and two of my generous colleagues.So we took local transport and made our way to Hatyai(second biggest city in Thailand after Bangkok).I was still fuming with what  had happened in the morning but slowly the magic of Thailand was unveiling.Seeing the simplicity and sweetness of local people around,getting a glimpse of their simple living had started affecting my thoughts but impact of bad ordeal still remained. Hatyai was like typical big town but yes a bit less crowded,so we had good Thai food and with belly fool we headed for Shogkhla from where the Race was going to start next morning at 4am.


Our team sat inside 9 seater resembling Maruti-Omni,well decorated and quite spacious from inside.Our driver did not understand single world of English but he was the same man whom MA team hiring for i don't know how many years(or decade ;)) .Their union was like meeting your long lost brother.I enjoyed watching the chemistry when people don't understand the language but heart speaks so much.What a scene,my heart said.


Our carriage passed city and suburb started so are my wonder.Beautiful clean landscape with people with generous smile.It was hypnotizing me and i was completely carried away with their innocence.





We reached the beach resort(it was best i had stayed till date) exclusively for the runners from entire globe.We collected token,team T-shirt and other stuff.Some welcome song sung by beautiful Thai girls and speech delivered(all in local language what i could not understand a bit).With all formalities done i headed to my room.The ambiance was charged with energy of athletes from all walk.I got first dose of my nervousness.I was seeing them in awe.The place and beach in front was beautiful,i needed immediate escape from the crowd to compose myself for the race.My room-mate warned me " don't go too far"(i appreciated her genuine care particularly when i was like child among group of grown up but i hate babysitters) I convinced her i will be a call away from her on the beaches.She felt relaxed and i started my walk for the beach.It was long big stretch of white sand,perfectly clean,breathtaking and last but not least absolutely lonely,no body at all there.I was completely into my own.Running to the distance i can,going into water and coming back when wave comes.It was pacific ocean so not much activity.I could see the crowd of people in resort from beach but thanking God no one in this crowd is of my kind else i would not have got such peace.After spending couple of hours i got a call for grand dinner(yes dinner at 5:30pm,because carbs has to break down and digest well before start of run at 4am next morning).I am a vegetarian(i was the only exception in that grand dinner which had 300 over dishes but all non veg except of-course rice-dal-salad.I had only 3 things in my plate and became a laughing stock for rest of my colleagues.Nervousness for the run was growing inside me and i was not able to eat the meager food on my plate.Our captain advised to go for early sleep and getup by 3am. I was unable to sleep that night,turning one side to another while my roomy sleeping in all peace.And to my surprise i saw some nightmares also in between that i have twisted my legs and unable to run.Thankfully i did not scream (else our team would have lost another runner in cardiac failure :) and after some more crap-nonsense scary thoughts finally i slept i don't know when.I got up on time (mercy my roomy).Got ready and with my shoe ON i told my heart-"no matter its first time for me but it was first time for rest of others once and they made it so will i".




We loaded our stuff and waited for gun to shot.In this run ritual were different,First runner of every team was holding the baton for the rally and dipped it in the water of pacific ocean.Rest team had to reach the next change over point were he has to pass the baton to second runner.I was seventh runner so had around 2 hours with me.With passing time anxiety was growing but i composed myself.It was pitch dark then so cyclist were escorting runners with fluorescence dress and some light.Whole atmosphere was charged with energy,enthusiasm,fun,emotion and a lot more.At one end there were team of small kids running for same 136.6 km and on the other end there were really old people but determined to do it.I was witnessing best ever race of my life.I just want to tell you it was not just race,it was a lot more.I was among people who cant understand my language but offered me water in those lonely road where their team mates were competing us and so were we doing to others.It was long stretch in each dash and you are all alone with your team waiting around 8 km ahead and no one to see you if you faint.Eventually one of my long lost dreams came true that was "running in lonely road all alone" huhu.I became friend with few runners from different country,we talked a lot in sign language.We shared whatever we had for eating and drinking and got glimpse of the corner of the heart which still exist in completely unalloyed form.So run lasted for the whole day.In my second segment it rained heavily but i kept running my 7km dash under thunderstorm and got drenched completely.Nothing could reduce my enthusiasm and joy of completing it.Yes last segment was tough but i had already made my mind so i battled with it bravely and finally reached Indian ocean and buried our baton there.My team stood in No 5th position while other team of Malaysia Airline was first in their category.So what we had was loads of joy and fulfillment. There was a grand celebration for all participant.We all enjoyed delicious Thai food(my choice still remained limited :(  ) and reached back to Hatyai.

Slept well after day long run and next morning i was set to see around.People with me had there preference in shopping and i had mine.So i convinced them to leave me alone, what they denied but finally I assured them about my safety.Then i started strolling in those unknown roads,visited some beautiful Thai temples,did lots of shopping,went for Thai foot massage(big relief to my tired foot) and a day full of activities.All our team gathered back for evening tea together before saying bye to Thailand.Until this time i could understand why Thailand is known for it's hospitality.Thai people are one of the most generous in the whole world(in my view and of course few exception like some in immigration counter).So after visiting Thailand it topped my list of Hospitality until recently i visited Goa and i can announce proudly, my country out shined Thai and forced me to update my list again.But what the gust of emotion i had felt being there and lessons i had learnt are my asset for lifetime and i still feel Thailand calling me again-so lets hope when i am going to make it again.......................

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Unveiling Goa-Day 2


It was 6:30 am when my eyes opened and what i could hear was mesmerising sound of waves which made me jumped off bed and opened the door.Right in front was wide ocean of blue and except sound of waves there was complete silence.The feeling was exactly like waking from some very beautiful dream and you found yourself right there.After staring at the beauty,seeing sun going higher,the vista kept me hypnotised for a while and then we started for our routine.


9am remained our time to retire from everything and jump right into the ocean which we maintained for all 5 days of our stay.Swimming there was really fun,particularly when waves are continuous and giant.Once you learn to combat with it,that will be all yours.We kept swimming for couple of hours and then realised our hunger and made way to Havana.

It was 11Am we were completely ready for our exploration.First set destination was Agonda Beach.Roughly driving for 20 min we were right in front of a completely lovely beach.There were no one on the full stretch except 3 local kids enjoying the ocean bath.Firstly it was hard to believe the beauty of the place,even more wonder was that nobody was there to enjoy it(some how my heart was dancing in happiness for second reason :)).We kept walking to full stretch, feeling the quietness of the surrounding.After spending quality time there we started our heading for Cola Beach.Just after driving for 10 min there was a sign board showing arrow towards a "Kachcha Rasta" so we turned there and found path was really hilly,up and down and broken and realised it was going towards a jungle.No sign of liveware except chirping of birds,which made us sceptical about rightness of taken path.We made a deal lets go for another 1km and if we don't find anything we will return.So at the end of 1 km we did not find any beach but two Dio standing there.
Optimistically we ventured into steep glide and found a treasure hidden deep inside which took us in awe and made us thank to the Creator for creating such place.It was most........... beautiful beach i had even seen(including in movies and my dreams :)).I really started running like a kid in extreme happiness,which added some wings to fly.I was on the peak of my happiness to find such place.Seeing the terrain i could understand that there are more gigantic rocks than sand below water and its going to be really deep but our courage took us into the blue world.Waves were giant and violent,much more than where we were swimming daily.Current was strong to pull us deep but our enthusiasm kept us afloat.Once we were tired swimming,we found a natural sweet water lake on the other side which looks so inviting for a swimmer like me so in no time i was inside water,refreshing and very welcoming.After swimming we did kayaking and made friend with small Swiss girls Kiara and Sally (those kept swimming underneath our kayak) so we took them to a kayak ride for the lake.


Next target was the fort(Cabo de Rama) where nothing remained except broken walls.We climbed up on the roof and  got view of Arabian see which was breathtaking .


So by now it was nearly 5pm and sun was starting gliding.We started back for Palolem.On the way back, just little off route we found a huge grassland which looked beautiful to get some different landscape but when we reached  the end we could see a very beautiful valley right below which was completely unmanned and unexplored.Again this place took us to surprises,we kept admiring the blue from the top of this valley and suddenly we heard a big doop sound in water and what we saw was unbelievable.It was Dolphin swimming right there below."Oh my God,how many surprises this land has for us" i now sun was setting and we started back............again in night after dinner it was time for beach walk and breathing the beach air that's how my second day ended...........but story continued............


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Unveiling Goa-Day 1

I am just back from Goa and want to admit i was completely thrilled with beauty,tranquillity and hospitality.Though this story did not start from the day we headed from Hyd-Goa but couple of days back from the decision date.Goa-the place where most of my friends had been and narrated their story and shared pictures.Though i was excited to hear and see them,one part of my heart was always sceptical,what treasure Goa has for me instead of crowded beaches.So to combat my fear i started doing my research in Internet about some lonely serene beaches,unmanned may be unnamed ;). Doing so few names popped 1.Agonda Beach
2.Galjibaga Beach
5.Unknown find explored by me :) probably i will name it then ;)
(i am sure regular Goa traveller had never been to these beaches.)
so these were my findings and i had to choose one among them.

 So next mission was no find other basic amenities,so i asked my partner what kind of place he will prefer to stay in Goa and he answered "any decent hotel with Big Swimming pool" which really made me laugh because all places in my list are least explored and do not have any luxury so i convinced him "why we need pool we both are ferocious swimmer so we will practise our swimming drills in Arabian sea" so that was the deal and we set to go for journey.

 @23rd Oct i rushed from my office little early,did my quick packing and with our backpack we headed to catch our bus.My heart was buzzing with excitement,journey was pleasant and as always i loved food when  bus stopped in road side highway restaurant.It was around 11pm but that restaurant was pretty lively,so we filled our stomach light and had sip of tea(i am tea addicted ) and bus moved on wheel for destination.It was 5 am in the morning when bus stopped at an isolated small hotel off highway and i read the board "Goa".Surrounded with beautiful mountains and green vegetation,no pollution,no noice at all and very few people visible around.Our destination was another 2 hours drive from this place.Boarded on bus again and Got down at Ponda then serial bus ride to Margaon and then to Cancone(Kankon).Ride was comfortable with mix of local Goan and bollywood songs.Route was scenic to make the mood.Our target was Agonda Beach but when we got down from bus we got to now Agonda is far so we had to settle at Palolem Beach which was 5 min walk from the place we got down.


So my first glance on the beach and my word"this is beautiful..........".I want to give a brief description-it was a lively beach but few people there,all tourists from different corner of world,people with smile,beautiful restaurant chain and well designed beach cottages.We headed to find accommodation and we liked it in one go so now all set to enjoy Goa...We settled there and with our swim wear on,we jumped into ocean.It was beautiful deep sea with emerald blue clean water,waves were giant and spontaneous.We both are good swimmers in pool but geography and chemistry of ocean is totally different :) so we took sometime to get acquainted then it was all ours,venturing deeper and deeper into it and learnt to make our self afloat in giant waves and trust me that's most enjoyable thing in water.We did not realise of passing time until our stomach started growling with hunger and we realised how much calorie we have burnt fighting with waves :)


Right on the beach there was a beautiful restaurant named Havana and that remained our paradise for eating until our journey,We filled our self with delicious food and then again went to find more treasure in beach stretch.Now we were at beach extension towards the unmanned island and terrain was getting rocky i had my strong wish to venture into that unmanned island but it was close to sunset,anytime water level may go up and we will be trapped there so i quenched my thirst with climbing on beautiful gigantic boulders there.Kept challenging myself more and more and captured breathtaking view of the ocean from that elevation.




I was wondering we had arrived here travelling for over 14 hours but not at all feeling any bit of tiredness probably that's magical healing property of this place.So by now sun has set and moon was on head so we had our dinner and took a walk on beach.Sand cold,wind gentle,ambiance lively and in sync with sound of waves.

We sat on the beach with moon on head playing hide and seek with palm tree there.Sea line illuminated as perfect white in moonlight,you can see the chain reaction the wave triggers and can watch them clashing on the shore,Believe me you sit on the shore with your loved ones and watch the magnitude of beauty,feel the quantum of the peace and look the magnificence of the ocean where our ego are like very tiny bubbles which comes and goes then probably we will learn to respect our relationship even better.We spend pretty good time there,that particular environment was so conductive to bring out feelings those lives deep within various layers.So that was the beautiful end of day 1 in Goa..........story of the next day will be in next blog.........

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My diary-Winter

Hello reader

It was 5:30am today when i opened my eyes and suddenly run towards my bedroom window and in awe said "hey see, dense fog outside".I maintained my awe and kept watching outside.In moments my mind rolled back to the old memories of winter.

Winter-this word itself gives me mild shiver.My earliest memory with winter is when i was around 12 year old, used to spend winter vacation in my village.My village has a different landscape and geography than my boarding school.In winter when some servants working in our field and my mother used to wake me up saying "Ranu-please take tea to the people working there" and me scrubbing my eyes,half sleep-half wake,holding hand of my little sister walking through fog making our way to the land.After reaching  field we used to enjoy that sip of tea more than anybody there,we play,run and dance there.I feel like spending time in heaven(that's how i imagine heaven of my Dadi's bed time stories).This is my oldest memory of enjoying winter.

Though winter has individual chapter of every year in my diary.But most belongs to the same place i.e. my boarding school.I was growing ,my perspective widening and i was seeing everything around me more observantly.I remember going for running through fog in very early morning(that was not out of interest but compulsory part of my seven year life in boarding school to defent myself from getting punishment of being lazy but that turned me to a half marathon runner today ;) ).Whenever i was unable to see the target distance,i got inspired to enjoy the run,the journey and to not worry about the destination.I remember playing handball in that killing chilly windy morning.Every time that ball hits my hand,make my heart cry but passion for sport was so high i never stopped playing(no matter how many times i  broke my ankle,elbow,legs etc thankfully I saved my face ;) ).I remember when i used to open my mouth for fun and enjoy seeing steam coming out from it.I remember going for morning tea just to get glimpse of the person who makes my heartbeat increasing to alarming level..(well that was the only time in 24hours i could see him and i can mention it so openly because he is my husband now ;) ).And many more stories but plot was same-my boarding school.

Then comes my college time when i used to spend  winter of Bhopal staying most of the time on terrace,being love bird spending whole night talking on phone.Seeing fog getting dense with night and getting thinner with arrival of sun was in my daily routine.Having semester exam preparation tension on my head in january,but feeling of enjoying winter always won the battle.So no matter if i am spending my evening watching sunset near Bhopal's big lake or sipping tea for whole night at the name of exam fever i have relished both equally.

Life has changed from being carefree teenager to a responsible career oriented professional but i defended my basic identity.So once again i am back to my world after been deprived from enjoying winter(as i have stayed in a tropical country for past 3 years where season never changes) .Again i am standing at the threshold of my favourite season.Now i enjoy it while driving to my office in the morning seeing mesmerising beautiful dew lying on the shrubs and grass on both side of airport road,playing hide and seek with ATC tower,watching aircrafts suddenly coming in front and immediately disappearing in fog.Similarly at the evening when i drive back from work to home,Sun remains right in front of my heading,with its blooming red flare looking more prettier than before.Same tress on both side of the road now throwing gentle wind over me.The mildness and fragrance in air intoxicates me in sync with melorious music and i feel like being in heaven as i did as a child playing in my field.

With all my happiness,i say to all my reader enjoy winter.Don't complain about too much work load or not able to catch up with your daily chores.Life is all about living this journey in your way.Probably gearing up and taking a walk in dense fog in the morning or watching sunset with sip of tea in evening at home while talking to the sweetest person exist in this planet will take all your stress and life will be ever beautiful.Wish you happy winter......

Sunday, 7 October 2012


It was sharp 5 am when this melodious voice hits my eardrum "Ranu get up we have a  plan for trekking Anatagiri hill today" and  very next moment i was on my toes with all my excitement buzzing in my heart.I quickly prepared myself, did basic packing for the trek and with full enthusiasm we started for Anantagiri.Just to share we had no well defined itinerary for this place except great excitement for this hills,which doubles as our car started moving on its wheel from our house.
Yesterday night it rained heavily at Hyderabad so it was wet in the morning and everything was looking very neat and new.Listening melodious songs sung by my all time favourite Sonu Nigam,we were enjoying every moment of our journey.Beautiful weather was making the mood.Route to the destination was very beautiful,our car was passing through dense thick canopy and old giant magnificent trees on both side of lane.We are totally thrilled to see them and hardly could believe it's so close to our doorstep that we could simply come for breathing more air(as we call it :)).We passed through serpentine road with dense plantation of various crops as we took narrower lane off to the main highway.In very early morning panorama with cloudy weather i am really running short of words to explain you the exact beauty of the place.


We kept our heading and finally after 1.5 hour drive we reached the place called Anantagiri.As i got down at once i uttered "this is super awesome...." i really meant it.I don't remember when last time i had seen such serenity.We all three were completely moved to see the beauty of the place.Right in front there was a Temple for Lord Padmanath swami so we did darshan.

As it was very early in the morning only people visible are Chai shop so we too took the sip of tea which tasted best ever in that mild winter.Seeing their hospitality and happiness we decided to top up our self and prepare for the trek.

Right outside the temple one boy was standing when we came out after darshan and asked us Rs 15 for parking our car.I thought there was nobody in or outside the temple when we came so how this fellow appeared from where?First I asked him about jungle he warned us "Please do not go very inside,the forest is dense" and i threw his warning out of my mind saying "please come to rescue us if we don't come out in 6 hours and we will pay you our parking charge then only " and with the sound of our laughter we were inside the jungle.


It wasn't a steep climb or rather we took a straight trail.First we explored the jungle to the extend we can.Best things were the chirping of birds,sometimes it's raining a bit,air was so pure and smelling the mild soil.Well just to share as i have trekked in several jungles before i want to mention the difference of this place.There was no tourist activity at all,no well defined path and no sign boards for guiding trails making it a wonder for us.So simply we kept following our instincts and going deep into jungle.


We followed the basic trail and did elementary exploration about the terrain.Forest was very calm and quite except chirping of birds and sound of leaves falling off trees with sweeping wind..


We kept walking within and spotted this Nilgiri plantation inside where traces of earlier camping group remained.


As i have already mentioned it had rained previous night and weather was in the mood that anytime it will shower again,trails were wet and slippery but thanks to our quality sole shoe kept us
going without fear of falling down.



After exploring the basic we decided to climb.It was steep but equally interesting,we were going up and up,making our own path and finally reached on top then started enjoying the scenery,jungle was looking beautiful,we could see tall eucalyptus trees,meadows and other neighbouring jungles clearly from there.


We completed most of trails then we decided to take bigger risk.We got off trail and tried to search some treasure and luckily we found one and it was a eureka moment for us.We were wonder struck,lost in the feeling of awe and my partner said "it's hard to believe that such a beautiful place exist so close to our place and we are standing right here to see them".Believe me it was just AMAZING.Captivating beauty of nature so untouched,no movement of any life ware and just mesmerising landscape so original to take our heart away.




We were in no hurry and full mood to enjoy the beauty of mother nature,weather kept changing from rain to shine and back again and every colour of it was adding on to our wonder.All our tiredness of trekking have gone already and greenery was so pleasing that we were running,dancing,jumping and sleeping all on the lap of mother nature.



After spending quality long hours we were back on to trail and got our way out,again that parking guy standing welcoming us (may be because of his Rs 15 )and i enquired about any more spots in nearby area,so we headed for Kotpalli project.The road was beautiful ghat road,totally different than others we have followed,so again lost in beautiful scenery with melodious songs.


Again the toughest time of the trip to say good bye and head back to home.After spending such a beautiful day out here i prepared my mind now that sweet home is calling and with beautiful memories we started our drive back to the most serene place in earth called home.