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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Gokarna- A little piece of paradise

Hello there,
First time ever i have heard about Gokarna is from some travel blog. In description , it totally looked like my kind of place so ever since this place was on our travel list. Finally on Jan 2016 long weekend we finally stepped there and yes it was way prettier than how it was described.

Place Details:
Those who have never heard about Gokarna, it is a sleepy small town in coastal Karnataka(close to Goa). It also has pilgrimage site of Murudeshwer nearby.

Things We Loved :
Well to the people who just want some nice, beautiful place away from regular life. This place is perfectly for you. People who want a very happening time i don't think Gokarna promises that.Water is perfect  blue and beaches have fine sand and very clean( at par with beaches from south Goa & 1000 times better than Calangute/Bagha). It's not jam packed place. Most of the tourists there are foreigners.

1. Infrastructure is not very developed. You can't find many resorts kind of things(There are few you can checkout in google). Set ups are basic hut.
Food was amazing and eating itself is too much fun.
2. Connectivity is poor(at least i think that). For us it was train journey from HYD-HUBLI. then bus ride to Gokarna covering few places of interest on the way. Thanks to the Jumbo group we were travelling with,this journey felt like breeze. If we would have traveled alone journey itself might have frustrated us.
3. Few Beaches: Please don't think it is just like Goa. In Goa in every few kilometers there are beaches and options are many with individual preference. Here Its just 3- Kudle Beach, Om beach and Gokarna beach. The last beach is mostly crowded with people of spiritual thirst. Kudle and Om beaches are perfect for other tourist. There are two more beaches named as halfmoon  beach & paradise beach which you can reach after some hiking. They were ok not something amazing.

My Recommendation
I loved stay and food@ Kudle beach.

Here are photo journey:
Sunset @ Paradise beach

Top view of Paradise beach

Few Yoga enthusiasts

Kids getting ready for the game

Top view of Gokarna Beach

Just me

Me and Hubby trying hard for a nice selfie

Please let me know by comments if you like my piece.
Stay Healthy, keep travelling and happy blogging


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