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Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hello Friends

Firstly sincere apologies to all my readers for remaining silent for unusual long time.I was extremely busy working for 12 Hr shift and no leave for past 2 month(don't get surprised my nature of profession demands that).
So once this hectic work schedule was over i needed a much deserved,much awaited travel break :)

After screening out many places of interest from list,matching with  days of leave,fund,weather,we decided to go to TYDA-Ananthagiri-Araku-Vizag Trip.This trip became hilarious and extremely real time adventures due to many reasons(i am going to unveil them in coming blogs).

Our first Halt was Jungle Bells-Tyda,a jungle camp nestled at Anathagiri Hill range, at lower ghat section.Ride from Vizag to Tyda was delight to eyes.Rolling meadows,Deep Ghats,milky waterfalls and series of tunnels. Tyda is a very small isolated railway station(don't expect many people there).For reaching jungle bells,you can ask any local and sure they will guide you a way through paddy field.Probably due to Samikhya Andhra Movement,this place was quite(Though i love solitude but it was more that what i can appreciate).There are around 18 cottages AC&Non-AC spread apart to give you more privacy.View from glass wall of your cottage was wildnes of jungle,sound was bird chirping and bugs humming.Overall i loved the serenity of ambiance but in night that isolation was little scary too.So my overall review for the place is as follows

Location-Awesome(serene and peaceful)
Food-Average(due to unavailability of many guest options became minimum)
Service-Good(people were good  and helping though not as polished as you demand)
Fare-little expensive but affordable

Advice-If you are planning for 2 days Araku Trip,i suggest give this place opportunity to serve you for one day.If you are a nature lover you can ignore some imperfection of the place and enjoy it's raw beauty.Please feel free to contact me if any more details requires,i will be more than happy to assist you.

Below i am attaching some pics of the place to give you better idea.
Me at Tyda Railway Station

View from glass walls of Cottage

Non AC Wooden Cottage

AC cottage

Interior of Non AC Cottage
If you have any queries or require any details please write in comment section.Happy Travel........


  1. We are planning to visit Araku for New Year after reading your post about Tyda.. Thanks for the recommendation.. How is the mobile network coverage there Padmini?.. Hugsxx

    1. Dear Nilu.Tyda and Ananthagiri both place is supeb but make sure that Samyekh Andhra movement stopped before you plan for the trip.There was lots of disturbance due to protesters.We have seen it how they are setting fire on street.For staying yes Ananthagiri Haritha Hill resort is the best.Do make booking in advance as that will be peak season( BSNL has coverage so must buy a BSNL sim for temporary use if you don't have else you feel disconnected from entire world.Happy travelling and blogging.

  2. Hi can you please confirm the type of cottage which you have taken. Please do let me know whether it wooden log hut or any other. And also room number of the room towards steps.

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